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Realistic Troops and Items Reworked is bunch of lore-friendly tweaks to item animations, stats and distribution, as well as equipment of troops.

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Item edits:

Rebalanced item stats, prices and availability with realism and logic in mind.
Equalized weapons damage wise, so that lower tier arms pose more danger while higher tiers still offer better damage, but outperform cheap ones mainly in handling, range and versatility.
Spears and axes are more viable, thrusts are more deadly, two handed axes a bit more prevalent and thrown missle weapons more limited in ammo.

  • tweaked weapon stats, weight, names, prices and store availability
  • buffed spears thrust (spears were equivalent of rifles for soldiers back then, makes sense that they pose some danger, especially since the AI seems to have trouble using them properly - this should help)
  • buffed swords thrusts (because they aren’t very fast or easy to land, now they should be worth it)
  • buffed Knife and Seax thrusts noticeably compared to originals (they can actually be used for self defence in tavern assault or alley ambush now)
  • buffed axes (depending on the type they can rival swords in damage, but are generally shorter, slightly slower and don’t have access to now buffed thrust attack)
  • diversified axes (they now handle differently, for example Bearded Axes are lightest and fastest, Battle Axes are strong and have access to piercing thrust but are slower and more expensive, while Hatchets are woodcutting tools that handle less than ideal in combat)
  • made Dane Axe available in stores, enabled blunt thrusting, lowered STR requirement and buffed speed (because they were quite nimble weapons)
  • same with Woodcutter, renamed to Light Dane Axe, it's slightly faster but shorter and weaker version of Dane Axe
  • made Army Standard on par with Long War Spears, Dragon Standard is now slow blunt weapon (so that standard bearers can defend themselves a bit), polearm parry and attack animations for realism but still two handed so they’re held straight in the air
  • halved ammo of throwables (I recommend you to manually order missle infantry and skirmishers to fire when at closer range)
  • buffed Javelins damage
  • unique spears Gungnir and Ray are now couchable

  • unlocked some missing animations (overhead thrust for melee Throwing Spears and Javelins)
  • changed Dane Axes into polearms for realistic handling, parrying and attack animations
  • swapped parrying animations of long axes (1h/2h) to polearm ones for realism
  • enabled parrying for sword-sized seaxes
  • enabled swings for Seax and Hunting Knife (thrusts are far more optimal but now you have more versatility)
  • swapped overhead swing to overhead thrust for Langseax, Short Swords and Blynjubitr (unique sword)
  • wooden clubs are now sheathed on belt
  • Horn is now visible when sheathed, on right hip
  • made Goidelic Champion Swords strictly two handed
  • swapped parry and attack animations of Goidelic Longswords to two handed ones when used without shield
  • made spears invisible when holstered, because you couldn’t realistically sheathe it on your back, so guards in towns or soldiers that switched won’t have poles sticking out of their backs (I recommend dropping your own spear when swapping to sidearm for maximum immersion)

  • lowered chainmail prices, slightly in common ones, notably in cloaked and elite variants
  • buffed Scale Lorica into top tier armor
  • lowered prices of special clothing (Earldorman/Trader/Emissary tunics)
  • increased prices of noble clothing
  • nerfed head armor of Crown (the fact that you're a king doesn't give you plot armor - wear that helmet or watch out)

Troop edits:

Tweaked troops equipment and upgrade paths (slightly) with realism and logic in mind.
Weapon choices are more diverse and based on culture.
Common soldiers don’t run around naked anymore and top tier warriors command respect.

  • swapped purple wrapped Throwing Spears to brown wooden ones
  • made swords less common for medium tier troops
  • removed naked wariants of many troops, only bare chested soldiers now should be Berserkers, Ulfhednar and high tier warpainted Picts
  • altered troop trees so that standard bearers are upgraded from infantry instead of archers or cavalry, also removed their upgrade into high tier spearman or infantry (they should have more presence in large armies now)
  • Britons now have low tier bowman that upgrades to their archer (they have strongest archers but needed more presence in lower tier armies)
  • made Norse Huscarls into two handed axe warriors, altered their upgrade path to that of Norse Axe Warrior
  • removed armor variants with pelts from Norse Axe Warriors (to distinguish them easier from Norse Huscarls)
  • made Berserkers and Ulfhednar into two handed axe warriors, buffed their stats (peak physical light armored shock troop with impressive charge speed - 10 athletics)
  • removed Scale Lorica from Sviar Warriors
  • Orm Svarti now wears Scale Lorica instead of his golden one

Mod is based on VC Balance Mod (v12.0) by HoodedHorse.

Graphics mod used in screenshots is Dark Age by ha3481

For texture tweaks of some clothing, armor and scabbards, check out Rustic Items Retexture


1. Install VC Balance Mod (v12.0).
2. Drop this mod's files and overwrite in your Viking Conquest directory.