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These are my tweaks for Viking Conquest, fully save compatible

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Changes include

- Movement speed reduced to realistic level (about two and a half days to travel from London to York)

- Monastery pillage gives about 2x more pennings, depending on looting skill. (pegan sights left unchanged, because these should not have lots of golden equipment and lands, as opposed to monasteries)

- Slightly reduced food consumption to compensate for reduced movement speed 

- Increased timer for some particularly short quests to compensate for reduced movement speed 

- Redused trade gold in bandit lairs by 50% on average, as I felt it was too imbalanced, given prices they pay for a loot 

- Disabled automatic retreat on KO during sieges (same code as for normal battles)

- Increased ship capture chance to 30% (was 10%), also slightly improves by a looting skill

- Captured ship damage now can vary between 5% and 65% (was 5% and 15%) 

- Improved Berserker trait - time increased from 15 to 40 sec, damage bonus left unchanged 25%, extra movement speed now 20% instead of 10% 

All changest are save compatible and should work well with the campaign 

P.S. I want to thank Tim_HoodedHorse. His Balance Mod and posts inspired me to learn Python and modding for Mount and Blade