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  • Mount and Blade Zendar mod v.1.0

    zendar modül v.1.0 (Türkçe)...

  • Patch 2.1 released!

    - Lucretia is a woman now.
    - Companions dialogues fixed. I had to remove 2 companions due to game limits (Fouché & Johnny). They will be released as minimods later.
    - Town information only updates when owning towns now.
    - Joining sieges no longer drops you at the edge of the scene.
    - Forging Brown Bess at weaponsmith has now correctly displayed cost of 2 iron.
    - No more +0 or -0 morale for items.
    - No more Sword Sisters, but Cavalry Maidens now.
    - Invisible boots no longer gives error messages.
    - Upgrading structures in your village now upgrades the structure you chose.
    - Fixed dialogues regarding upgrading buildings in village.
    - Changed names of Montenegrin vassals.
    - Announcing events at towns is only possible if town tr...

  • Complete list of Features

    Main Part
    - A full map of Europe with 21 playable
    * Kingdom of Denmark
    * Kingdom of Sweden
    * Electorate of Bavaria
    * French Empire
    * United Kingdom of Great Britain
    * Papal states
    * Kingdom of Portugal
    * Kingdoms Naples and Sicily
    * Kingdom of Spain
    * County of Nassau
    * Austrian Empire
    * Serbian Revolutionary State
    * Electorate of Saxony
    * Ottoman Empire
    * Kingdom of Italy
    * Kingdom of Prussia
    * Dutchy of Wuerttemberg
    * Electorate of
    * Batavian Republic
    * Russian Empire
    * Prince-Bishopric of
    * Revolutionary State: Duchy of Warsaw
    * Revolutionary State:
    Kingdom of France
    * Revolut...