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Hi guys, I have been working on this mod called A Change of Seasons which allow you to change the Vanilla Day/Night system to be faster/slower (you configure).


  • Configure the Sun Rise/Set.
  • Configure the length of the season
  • Configure the length of a minute/hour.
  • Configure the milliseconds total length (still seen if it is a good idea or not)
  • (Optional) pass a year in your castle - the game will jump a year, and you will spend your party expenses accordingly 

As I am not finding much time to develop it lately, and I will probably open it for community to help. If you know someone that is developing the same thing please let me know.

Anyway you can follow my work on our discord.


  1. dagincourt88
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    There is a mod called "Pacemaker" but it's not active at the moment. Please build this one! It would be nice to have alternatives.
  2. jisiting2961
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  3. mblandizzi
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    hey, i cant believe noones shown interest. i really want this mod, i havent been able to find a single one!
    All i see are peopel saying that the current system is good because then you can have heirs without taking forever..
    so basically everyone is happy without having any control over the incredibly inaccurate time system.
    I have a solution.
    When you want a heir, or die and need to wait for one to show up, there should be an option to advance to the future, a few years worth of waiting, in game it will just be a dark screen or load scren. then a few dialogue opens asking you what happened.
    Lets say you waited with a town and city etc
    well then the dialogue would ahve someone telling a story about what happened to x fief and x person.
    you cold have multiple choice options like
    x attacked y and y won/lost over x. y left, was capture married or so and so, and survived until... etc
    giving you control over the future,, or you could say x attacked y and y defended until z took advantage of x absense forcing x to leave the siege.. of course that could happen hundreds of times in a year but you gt the idea. 
    anyways i just want to be able to not age 5 years in like 1 years worth of movement. and still be able to go back to regular time scale when needed.