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Adds two elite infantry units as an extra branch in the Sturgian noble line - the Huscarl and the Thegn. The mod leaves the Sturgian culture completely untouched EXCEPT for adding an extra upgrade path from Varyag Veteran, and two balanced, lore-friendly nord-flavoured melee specialists, allowing for TW Sturgia rebalancing changes compatibility.

Permissions and credits
Sturgian Noble Infantry
Bringing some Nord dignity back to Sturgia.

As Early Access is still seeing weekly if not daily updates and re-balancing from TaleWorlds, I've given up on the more extensive Sturgia mods, and have created the least obtrusive, most compatible possible addition to Sturgia that allows their shieldwall to once again be a rightly feared force, and that gives a boost to the Nord flavour of the Sturgian Noble line, allowing a fully viable non-mounted melee infantry line. 

Mod Details
  • Stable 1.2,  1.3 and Beta 1.4  tested and working.
  • Adds extra upgrade path to Sturgian noble line - Varyag Veteran now upgrades to Druzhinnik OR Huscarl. The Huscarl in turn upgrades to Thegn.
  • The Huscarl is T5 Infantry with axe, shield, throwing spears and throwing axes. 
  • The Thegn is T6 Infantry with axe, shield, throwing spears and throwing axes.
  • Huscarl armour and skills slightly above Sturgian Veteran Warrior. Best shieldwall/siege T5 in class
  • Thegn armour equivalent to top T6 cavalry. Best shieldwall/siege T6 in class.
  • Balancing: The Huscarl and Thegn are best-in-class shieldwall/siege melee specialists, but are certainly not invincible. Watch out for spear cavalry and 2-H specialists and don't get flanked!
  • NO changes made to Sturgian Culture or troop tree EXCEPT adding huscarl and Thegn upgrade paths from Varyag Veteran, meaning MAX compatibility with future changes and rebalancing of the Sturgian troops by TaleWorlds.
  • Appearances of both troops has a definite Nord flavour, with a slight modification to custom cape items to bring armour values to correct levels.

Version Notes
  • 1.0.0: Original release
  • 1.1.0: a) Huscarl body armour changed to same as Druzhinnik body armour - was causing issues for some people. b) Sea Raider Chief given upgrade path to Huscarl (as well as existing Druzhinnik path).
Installation Instructions
  • Add module folder to ...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules. Enjoy.
  • PLEASE NOTE, like all mods that add troops, your save may become corrupted if you remove the mod without first ensuring that none of the added troops remain spawned, which can be difficult to do. Best practice: create a backup save prior to installing the mod, and go back there if you remove it.