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Adds extra renown and rare item drop(s) on winning bandit boss duels during hideout missions.

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I felt that there was no real pay-off for risking your neck by dueling the bandit boss at the end of a hideout mission. This simple mod adds a renown boost and valuable item drop(s).

Lore-wise, I figure that the bandits (and your own faithful troops) are impressed by your willingness to heroically risk your own life, thus boosting your reputation, and in appreciation the remaining bandit officers reveal their most coveted and valuable loot.

I did originally make this mod for my own purposes, but figured I might as well share it here as well in case anyone wants to try it out. It hasn't been extensively tested, but is pretty simple code-wise, and I haven't run into any issues after several hours of gameplay through multiple hideout missions.

Version 1.3 compatible with stable branch 1.3 now uploaded!

Balance note
I designed this mod for the vanilla troop limit in hideout missions, and thus wanted decently valuable item drops to make it more worth the challenge. Obviously if you are using a tweak and taking 90 dudes into your hideout missions, it will be significantly easier, and thus this mod could end up being pretty unbalanced. I used the game's default tournament prize pool as inspiration, but tried to not get anything in there that feels too worthless or too super valuable (according to my taste anyway). Items in the pool range in value from about 3k to around 30k.

Item Values Note
The mod is now consistently using base item values (2-3x higher than trade value depending on how high your trade skill is) in both the configuration settings and background calculations in order to avoid sometimes weird behavior with the loot selection. ***If you have previously saved any settings for the mod, you'll need to readjust them for the new version.***

Future possibilities
-XML config version for those who wish to avoid dependencies (v.1.2.2)
-User configurable loot pool
-May change config settings to reflect item base values instead of trying to approximate the value changes in inventory (this would make choosing settings less intuitive, but would result in more accurate calculations/behavior). (v1.2)
-Changes to the renown boost (maybe make it based on the mission renown instead of flat increase)
-Maybe weight drop likeliness based on item value
-Maybe weight drop value based on mission difficulty (v1.1)
-Configurable mod options (if this becomes popular) like a renown boost setting and/or min/max value settings for the loot drop, it will require me figuring out and interfacing with ModLib which is more work than I've wanted to do so far... (v1.1) Done! Thanks for the positive comments and suggestions everyone :)

See README in Docs section.

Known compatibility issues with beta branch of the game. Only currently recommended for the latest stable release. Shouldn't really be any compatibility issues with other mods or saves. This mod uses Harmony postfixes on the StartBossFightDuelMode and ShowBattleResults methods. It is possible that there could be some weird behavior if you are using other mods that change these, but is unlikely.

UPDATE: I've been too busy lately to even play the game, let alone keep developing this mod. For now I am putting any further development or bug fixing on hold. If you do find an issue, please report so others can see/confirm, but the timeline for getting anything fixed is indefinite at this point.
I usually keep pretty busy, but will try to fix any bugs or issues as I have time. In general, this mod is offered "as is". You should always back up your save files before modifying anything, and although this mod should not in any way mess up your saves, crazy things do happen sometimes. If you have game crashes, be sure to check that the mod .dll's are unblocked (see the internet for more instructions), and verify your mod load order (MobLib needs to come first).

Special thanks
Thanks to all the mod authors who have shared their code on github! It is a tremendously helpful resource for anyone looking to understand modding for this game. Also check out Harmony ( and ( for some basic info to get started.