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Removed the check for disciplinary perk so you can upgrade all the bandits and looters + optional tutorial on how to upgrade looters to other troop line;

Permissions and credits
Other mods:  any (Harmony)
Game version:   1.4.1 (1.3 not supported)
Vortex:  yes

IMPORTANT: Currently, the game launcher is bugged, and may cause crashes with mods loaded, not loaded, selected, not selected - to fix it - use - Community Fixed Launcher (you have to reinstall it each time the game updates because steam overwrites files)

Before reporting mod is not working - read posts(the top one) and install Community Fixed Launcher. Thank you. 

What it does:
This mod removes the disciplinarian perk check so you can upgrade bandits from the start of the game. Disciplinarian perk is currently broken in the game, but this mod makes it possible to upgrade bandits. 

Install Instructions:
1) Use vortex to download the mod | Manual: download zip and extract to Bannerlord/modules directory
2) Backup your save file
3) Activate mod in game launcher
4) When the game loaded - check that it displays UpgradableBandits loaded - in main menu bottom left. 

If you want to have an additional upgrade option for looters  (I've set my game to upgrade them to thugs troops line) 

1) go to: Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBox\ModuleData
2) open up bandits.xml with Notepad++(google it) or any other text editor
3) Go to line 100 (where it sais <upgrade_target id="NPCCharacter.imperial_infantryman" />
4) Make a new line under it and paste:  

<upgrade_target id="NPCCharacter.gangster_1" />

So it looks like this:
      <upgrade_target id="NPCCharacter.imperial_infantryman" />
      <upgrade_target id="NPCCharacter.gangster_1" />

You can set another upgrade target - for example to battanian volunteer or other bandit type:
 <upgrade_target id="NPCCharacter.battanian_volunteer" /> 

Or one of the below:
<upgrade_target id="NPCCharacter.mountain_bandits_bandit" />
<upgrade_target id="NPCCharacter.forest_bandits_bandit" />

Version history:
0.1 - Initial release - Has a bug that upgrades bandit parties
0.2 - tried to keep the source code intact - bugged
0.2a - fixed the bug in 0.2, working version
0.3 - converted to module system, added Harmony lib dependency, Vortex compatibility
0.3a - edited dependencies of submodule XML so that people would stop bugging me with it (mod does not use any dependencies) It's Independent. It's wild and free of any dependencies guys.

Instructions for Old versions of the mod files:
1) Backup TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.dll (Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client)
2) Replace TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.dll from one of the files for your GAME VERSION. 
3) Upgrade dem bandits to regular troops.

Known issues: Instead of looters you will sometimes get their upgrade variants, same with other bandits. (fixed in 0.2a)