Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Makes AI fleeing from battle that get attacked from close range actually be smart and fight back.

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I think it just looks ridiculous how the enemy will be fleeing and you can trot along side of them with your horse and just whack them all to death 1 by 1. I understand they are just trying to flee but if a guy on a horse is trotting along side of you and whacking you on the head you would try to at least respond to that before continuing to run. So now when AI are fleeing from battle if you start attacking them they will actually draw their weapon again and fight back. They will stop and realize they can't run anymore and actually start fighting back again. An enemy has to be very close for them to stop so their priority will still be to run but now this will make the fleeing AI act a little more realistic.

Use Vortex to install to modules folder. This is the first release so expect bugs, just report ALL bugs in the bugs tab so I can keep track. it is ok to let me know in the comments if you like but it is better in the bugs tab. If you experience crashing, it is very important you screenshot the error message and show it to me when reporting a crash. I won't be able to fix crashes without the error message!! Always give thorough detail when reporting a crash.

If your game crashes and you believe it is from my mod then you can report it in the bugs tab but your bug report will be deleted unless you provide ONE of the following...

-Screenshot of the error message that popped up when it crashed. It will describe the type of exception and have a bunch of text called the stack trace, you need to provide it or the bug report will be deleted.

-If for whatever reason you were not given any kind of error message whatsoever and you even checked for crash reports in the bannerlord install folder or documents folder and could find nothing and you still believe this mod caused the crash. then you need to walk me through your exact steps you took that led to the crash and you need to describe everything in detail.

Bug reports that just say... "Crash, please fix" will just be deleted. I was responding to these at first but they happen too often and I can't keep taking time to explain this stuff to people. I am not customer service or tech support. You need to do your part to help me fix any bugs you encounter. THANKS!!