Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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AI lords no longer respawn with a medium-sized party after they are defeated and escape. Slow down steppe and desert bandits by reducing mounted propotion. Upgrade a mountain bandit to a banner knight no long costs two war horses.

Permissions and credits
Supports both both e1.3.0 and e1.4.0 beta.
v1.3.2 is the last version to support e1.2 branch, time to move on.

It is advised to use Light Combat Mod Collection, which integrates the functionality of this mod. This standalone version may not recieve frequent updates.

Tired of defeating AI lords in battle, release or capture (the result is the same), only to fight him with a 50-man party coming out of nowhere again one day later?

This mods removes the "out-of-nowhere" party when AI lords respawn. They now have adjustable number of troops on new game start and upon respawning. The default is 3 to prevent them to fall victim of looters(4). The number can be adjusted in PartyFixes\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\settings.json

AI Lords respawn at their fief, and take a part of garrison as their party, so they actually still have a party upon respawning, this is expected and makes sense. 

Mix around 40% forest bandits to steppe bandit groups to slow them down.  Increase the proportion of unmounted desert bandits in their party to slow them down.

Upgrading a mountain bandit to a banner knight used to cost 2 war horses, one for upgrading from Brigand to Highwayman and one for upgrading from Highwayman to Vlandian Champion. Now the former only costs a horse instead.

Use together with my Light Prosperity to give lords more high level recruits.