Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Are you tired of getting raid spammed by enemy lords, but do not want to be forced to execute them? This mod will make them fear your clan and avoid raiding your settlements based on how overwhelmingly you defeat them.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
This mod induces a certain amount of fear into enemy lords when they get defeated by the player. Their behaviour is then changed based on this fear, such that they will not raid villages belonging to the player clan for some time. The formula for how long the player is safe is the following

(ai casualties / max(1, player casualties)) * [Default: 2] days


If you defeat some enemy lord and they lose 20 times more men than you do, they will fear your clan for 40 days. This goes for every enemy lord party in the encounter, if there are several. 

Only the latest encounter between the player and a given enemy lord will count. That is, if the lord currently fears you, and the player encounters them again and loses/does not win as convincingly, the lords fear will be adjusted.


3.0.0 is compiled for both e1.3-beta and e1.2.1. The e1.2.1 version can be found under 'Optional Files'.

2.0.0 does not work properly for e1.3-beta.


3.0.0 works just fine with 2.0.0 saves, but old fear data will not be used, so you will have to scare those pesky lords again. The data loss was necessary in order to get rid of potentially save-breaking custom data once and for all, and it will be the only time such data loss happens. 

The reason for another major version is that the mod has almost completely been rewritten in order to turn it from something that was quickly made just for me, into something that I can more easily work with in regards to adding more features that you guys might want. Since the new version is significantly more complex, I expect that there will be bugs, but I hope that we can figure them out together. If you do experience a bug and want to report it (please do), kindly include the contents of the file 'stack.txt' from 'ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\crashes\[Date]' so that I have a chance of reproducing it/fixing it. You have to press 'Yes' on the prompt to send more information on the crash (don't worry, it will not send if you do not want it to) in order to generate the file. 

Releases in the near future will probably just be bug fixes until I am sure of stability. 

NEW IN 3.0.0

Ai-on-Ai fear

I thought I would not add this mechanism, but as I got to thinking about it, I realised that it might be fun to see what happens in a more fair system which allows AI to be feared as well. This means that an AI lord can be feared by other AI lords, and by the player. Since the system does not (yet?) prevent the player from raiding settlements of lords they fear, player fear is present solely through the fear effect described below. 

fear effect on morale

Fear now temporarily lowers the morale of a party in vicinity of another party whose leader they fear. Using default settings, this effect is much harsher on the player in order to somewhat compensate for the fact that player is not prevented from raiding settlements etc. in the way that AI is. 


Messages are displayed for FearMod-related events.

Independent save system

FearMod no longer saves any custom data in the game save. Instead, it saves its own data 'FearMod\Saves' where the filenames correspond to game save names. The reason for this new save system is that I noticed unpredictable behaviour and corrupted saves depending on what values were stored for the string type. No save should ever break due to FearMod again. 


It is now possible to change settings for FearMod. The first time a game save is loaded or new game is started using FearMod, a 'settings.fearsettings' file will be generated in the mod folder with all settings that can be tweaked with their default values. Eventually, I think that the settings will be tweakable in-game, but I am waiting until there is some kind of consensus on what the community wants to use, ModLib or MBOptionScreen, in order to keep it as compatible as possible with mods using either of those.

  fear_multiplier: Controls the amount of fear caused by battles. 
     Controls how much AI morale is decreased when in vicinity of a lord they are scared of.
Controls how much player morale is decreased when in vicinity of a lord they are scared of.
              Controls how much fear goes down hourly while a lord has a temporary morale penalty from vicinity fear.
     Controls the distance between parties at which temporary morale penalty is applied if there is fear.
       Enables/disables temporary morale penalty due to vicinity fear.
    Enables/disables player and AI lords fearing other AI lords.
              Enables/disables causing fear if the winner is the aggressor part of an army. 
Enables/disables messages being displayed when fear is caused.
    Enables/disables messages when fear is caused between AI parties     
Enables/disables temporary morale penalties from standing in the vicinity of a feared lord.
       Enables/disables temporary morale penalties between AI and AI being able to cause the effect on the player party.