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This mod reworks the Aserai Elite-Unit-Tree. Finally get heavy Camel Cavalry and deadly Assassins! Have fun!

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Aserai Sultan's Guard and Assassins


>>> Right now it seems that Beta 1.3.0 for some of you has unidentified issues with some of my mods. So as long as 1.3.0 is still Beta, I now recommend to use my mods only with the stable branches. <<<

What is this mod about?

Tired of all the copy-paste elite trees in the game? 

Always Riding Horses+Polearm+blablabla?

I give you some more variation now in form of the heavy armored Aserai Sultan's Guard as well as deadly sniping Assassins!

This mod reworks the Aserai elite-tree. Starting with the Aserai Youth you get to choose: Do you finally want to train your Aserai elites as heavy armored camel riders? Or do you want them to be a very athletic sniping crossbow unit (with hoods and style!)?

Staying in the main southern theme of the aserai, I tried to give them two different specialized units. As the only faction, the Aserai finally get to use Camel-Cavalry. The are heavy armored, use their spears to charge in and will use their deadly scimitars when in melee. The Assassins on the other hand are highly trained in using the best crossbows in the game and are also very fast. When charged in melee, they also got a high one-handed-skill to defend themselves. But be aware! They are not highly armored and will die fast in a cavalry charge. (They are not as OP as the Battanian Fian's, but I think this fits even better. The Fians should be nerved anyway, their Bows are ridiculous ;)) 

I tried to give them similar stats to the other elite units, but would be glad to hear if you think they are balanced or need to have some rework in their stats.


Download the file and extract it. Then simply put the "Sultans Guard and Assassins" folder into your /steamapps/common/Mount & Blade II Bannerlord/Modules folder, activate it in the launcher and you're good to go.


I guess this mod should be incompatible with every other mod that changes the aserai elite tree in the snpccharacters.xml

If you like this mod, feel free to give me some suggestions for further troops!

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