Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

This mod unlocks all craftable item parts for smithing.

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When I first tried to craft a weapon, I couldn't unlock the pieces without spending literal RL hours unlocking each and everyone of them randomly. I know some stuff about code so I tried to find a solution and here it is.

What does this mod do?
The mod unlocks all crafting pieces for use in smithing.

How can I use this mod?
Go to your game folder. Then put this file in your modules folder.

The newest version (1.3.0) is probably compatible with most smithing mods. Doesnt work for beta 1.4.0+.
Version 1.3.0 is functional for new games. Thanks and credits go to user rmerkel.

Something went wrong!
Please try to determine if crafting unlocked is the issue by starting a new game with it or turning of potentially conflicting mods.
If Crafting Unlocked is the issue for sure, then please message me personally with details of your issue.
Don't use the comments for problems. Those comments will be removed. (for my own overview)
In your issue, please include your Bannerlord version, Crafting Unlocked version, error logs and exactly what happened.

You can now go to any smith in a large town and craft anything you want.
For suggestions or other stuff, please leave a comment.