Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod override the age appearance of all characters to look a little more "honest". (Old people will actually look like old).

Permissions and credits
- Overrides the age appearance of all characters when it fist loads the game.
- Additional feature: use the Detailed Character Creation to edit the age of the character based on it's appearance as well.
you may find a config.json
inside the ModuleData. Change it as you please but read this first: 
- maxAge means the "new" max age of the characters. Vanilla is 128.
- overwritten let if true if you don't want to override all the characters at once, but rather edit it yourself, using the amazing Detailed Character Creation 
- minimumAgeToApply the appearance will be modified if the character has this age (the DynamicBody Age). 0 will apply for all ages. 128 or the value of the maxAge won't apply at all.
What motivated me to do this was that I found the age system not so good. But I think it is open for interpretation. Also I know that it may look a little buggy but in fact I had to make a minimum "age" to apply this method. So it may look a little strange at first glance. Btw this is my first mod ever made, so give me some credit 😁.
Important ⚠
If you use Detailed Character Creation put the mod under it.
Come talk with us on Discord and share your experience, bugs and suggestions so we can improve it :)