Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Updated for e1.2.0. Now more compatible than ever! Fixes wrong stats that many units have in the game such as Imperial Crossbowman having high Bow skill instead of Crossbow, infantry units having high riding and low athletics, some units having completely wrong stats for the tier they are in etc. Over 60 units fixed.

Permissions and credits
Updated for 1.2.0 patch. Removed all references to equipment_sets, equipment and upgrade_targets making it 600% more compatible with other mods if loaded after them in the load order. Mod is still very much needed as 1.2.0 fixed precisely 0 issues that this mod does.

Here you can see an image of Sturgian Shock Troop before and after applying the mod.
P.S The in-game end result may differ from what is depicted above.

Many units in the game have wrong stats that i have fixed. I also gave Battanian Veteran Falxman his Falx back and he no longer has a pike. I took his Falx away again because he didn't appreciate all the work i did for him. (There are rumors that it was due to the fact that the polearm he uses is actually a type of a Falx but don't believe them! It is all a slander by the Big Polearm Industry.) Battanian units in general are by far the most messed up. Plus couple other units with wrong weapons have been fixed.

Manual Installation: Unzip the folder and drop it here: \steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules
                                   Enable the mod in the game launcher.

Compatibility: Compatible with most mods that don't change the units listed below or remove/rename the weapons and equipment they use.
                         Should work with save-games.

Units changed(might be slightly out-dated):

Full changelog available under Changelogs if you want to see exactly what was changed and why.