Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Allows you to manage your companions when they aren't in your party: manage their equipment, allocate perks, and spend their attribute and focus points.

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  • Mandarin
If you have the campaign setting enabled to auto-allocate points and perks, then you won't have the opportunity to make choices for your your companions' progression. You'll have to disable this base game setting in order to take advantage of this aspect of the mod.

Managing the inventories of your family and companions remotely is disabled by default for now so that it doesn't clutter the hero selection scroller unexpectedly, but can be enabled in Mod Options section of the ESC Menu. In a future update I will set this to be enabled by default, but it will respect your existing setting when I do so.

In light of the addition of the inventory management feature, I've changed the name of this mod from Upgrade Remote Companions to Manage Remote Companions to better reflect it's features.

Game Versions:
☑ e1.4.1 BETA
☑ e1.4.0

Does not save any data, and can be added or removed at any time without any problems.
Must be placed above the Community Patch in the load order.

Preferably use Vortex, but if you can't, copy the ManageRemoteCompanions folder extracted from the zip archive into Bannerlord's "Modules" directory.
You may need to unblock the three .dll files (0Harmony.dllManageRemoteCompanions.dll and MBOptionScreen.dll) found in this mod's "bin/Win64_Shipping_Client" directory.

Known Issues:
If you have a save file created in the very early days of Bannerlord's Early Access, some of your companions might not appear when you go to manage their inventories. This is because the game thinks they are still occupied by an event, such as a quest. It's not this mod's job to fix that issue, but if you do encounter this issue, know that I also have a bugged companion and I'm working on it!

Polish up the experimental Manage Troops feature to a button on the clan party UI.

Source Code:

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