Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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CarnifeX - aka an0nym0uz

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This Mod adds a new Sword, the Zweihander PH to the Game!

The Zweihander PH is currently only accessible with Cheats enabled!
Please read the Detailed Description!

+++ Big Thanks to piercegov - Without his "Custom Weapon and Armour Template" this Mod would'nt exist! +++

Permissions and credits
Zweihander PH
This Mod adds an Zweihander with Parry Hooks & Ricasso, the Zweihander PH to the Game.
Now not useable anymore with Shields + No OneHand-Support anymore!

Sad to say, i tried everything to trick the Game, but wasnt able to add a fifth Piece for the Pommel. :/

To get the Weapon, turn on Cheats first:
• Navigate to "Documents/Mount and Blade II Bannerlord/engine_config.txt"• Change cheat_mode=0 to cheat_mode=1 and save your Changes.
• Open your Inventory InGame - On the left side, filter|sort by weapon|value (descending) it should be near 27.000

Once the Game is saved with this Mod activated, you can NOT remove the Mod anymore from the Save without corrupting the Save!
Sadly, it seems there's no Way around this for now.. - But soon as i know something new about it, i'll add this here!

• Once you put the Weapon into your Inventory or onto your Character,
save the Game and youre able to deactivate the Cheats & still own the Weapon afterwards!

• For now, i dont recommend trying to craft the Weapons by yourself, cause of possible Crashes!


Weapon Stats:
Take a look @ the Images!

It should be compatible with any mod. (for now..)
Tested on V. e1.4.0 (No Support for Beta-Branches!)

Information about "Slice-Through"-Requests:

Slice-through is hardcoded, i can NOT change that via .xml Code!
I would recommend to use one of these Mods, they add "Slice-through" to all or nearly all Weapons:

- Keehu's Slicer!

- Xorberax's Cut Through Everyone!