Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Character tweaks - Focus and Attribute per level.
Culture bonus fixes
Various campaign tweaks (workshop #, party #, size, caravan fix)
Various smithing tweaks (new formulas, unlock all parts, stamina, etc)
Fixes for troop XP gain
Item value rebalance.
& More! Fully configurable.

Permissions and credits
This mod includes the following options:

Character Tweaks:

  • Allows you to adjust focus points and attribute points.

Smithing Tweaks:
  • Adds new slightly more efficient bulk refining formulas and adds some waste to processing crude iron (Formulas now customizable!)
  • Lets you adjust gain for new smithing parts. Defaults to 10x gain.
  • Lets you craft legendary or masterwork items every time to avoid grind.
  • Infinite crafting stamina (simply uses none).
  • Regenerate stamina anywhere instead of just in settlements. Traveling blacksmiths, go!
  • Craft with any part without unlocking first. Can still unlock parts normally if you later decide to disable this.

Campaign Tweaks:
  • Disable garrison starvation. They still use food. Additional option only allows them to starve during sieges.
  • Set # of troops you fight in a hideout. The rest will show up at the end with the boss, where you can duel to avoid fighting them. Winning the duel simply kicks the remaining parties out of the hideout.
  • Set # of troops you bring to a hideout. Defaults to 9 (disabled).
  • Optional item value rebalance. Old formula: (3 ^ item tier). New formula: (2 ^ item tier)*(item tier + 1). The result is low tier items are slightly more expensive, tier 4 items are about the same, and higher tier items are cheaper. Top tier items are less than 1/2 the price.
  • Caravan patch. Gives caravans the stewardship troop bonus that other parties get and gives them stewardship XP similar to other parties. Also gives trade XP to the party leader (1/5 of profit made) and the owner (1/25 of profit made). As of 0.2.1, two sliders adjust how much Stewardship increases party size and adjusts trade XP awarded.
  • Workshop limit, base and per clan level. This sets the default #s.
  • Party limit, base and per clan level. This adds to the default #.
  • Companion limit, base and per clan level. This sets the default #s.
  • Player clan party size limit. This adds to all player clan parties, including caravans.
  • Global Troop XP multiplier. This is a percentage bonus from 0 to 900, +900% being 10 times.
  • Global Hero XP multiplier. Percentage bonus from 0 to 900.
  • Global militia bonus. Percentage bonus from 0 to 900. This increases the militia growth from all factors for all settlements (including villages). Other mods do this indirectly by boosting prosperity, but I find prosperity has too many side effects (rampant inflation, for instance).
  • Prosperity patch. This increases negative prosperity by a power of 1.3 (max of 5% of the total town prosperity) and starts reducing prosperity due to a food shortage before starvation actually sets in. Only applies when settlements are not under siege. Helps keep towns out of starvation. Side effect includes slightly lower global demand for items due to prosperity reacting to negative events faster.
  • Footmen on horse speed bonus slider. This goes from 0.3 (default) to 0.6 (same as mounted troops). Requires the culture speed bonus patch to be applied.
  • Set XP multiplier for Leadership Perks and Training Buildings. 
  • Enter and exit sieges freely without losing troops.
  • Stop lords from gaining free troops on respawn (by default they get 25% of their party size).
  • Full XP from tournaments and practice option. Just treats them as battles so it's 100% instead of 1/3 or 1/16.
  • Show days remaining instead of total food. Main number shows days remaining instead of total, hover still shows total.
  • Issue multipliers for Nobles and Settlements. This increases the cap on current existing issues in the world (ie, Quests or Tasks like Deliver Herd or Family Feud). The game can still run out of potential issues to give even below this cap, and this doesn't fix the bug that makes issues repeat themselves (IE, same guy has daughter running off over and over).
  • Limit to the amount issues can affect things. Meant to use in combination with increased issue limits to combat the potentially crazy swings in prosperity and such.

Bug Fixes:
  • Disables the power growth of the conspiracy quest. Doesn't affect the quest popping up and going away, it simply won't grow in power or ever trigger the final part of it. The idea being that if the quest is ever fixed, nothing that breaks the save game will have been done.
  • Fixes the cultural Battanian and Khuzait speed feats so that it gives 10% less penalty in forests and 10% more mounted bonus, respectively. Also fixed the Sturgian one, but it doesn't actually do anything since the game doesn't have a snow penalty right now.
  • Fixes cultural feats being divided by 100. This makes Vlandian, Empire, Battanian, and Khuzait bonuses work. Note that without the speed fix checked the Battanian feat actually gives 10% extra speed in forest instead of less penalty, and the Khuzait one is simply 10% more speed everywhere. Use with the speed bonus fix above to avoid this. (Note: in 1.3.0 beta, this bug is fixed. However, the speed traits working improperly is now a bug in the main game. Use the speed feat fix above to fix this problem.)
  • Fixes the leadership perks Raise the Meek and Combat Tips to add xp to every unit and also stack with each other (but not multiples of the same).
  • Fixes garrison buildings to give xp per troop instead of per stack.
  • Option to disable garrison starvation. They still use food.
  • Option to set # of troops you fight in a hideout. The rest will show up at the end with the boss, where you can duel to avoid fighting them. Winning the duel simply kicks the remaining parties out of the hideout.
  • Option to set # of troops you bring to a hideout.
  • Optional item value rebalance. Old formula: (3 ^ item tier). New formula: (2 ^ item tier)*(item tier + 1). The result is low tier items are slightly more expensive, tier 4 items are about the same, and higher tier items are cheaper. Top tier items are less than 1/2 the price.
  • Fixes a bug that prevents militia being reduced (by retiring or starvation). Option is labeled Militia Starve, but they can also be reduced from other factors. (Removed in 0.2.4 since this bug was patched).

  • Armor patch for those who want to customize how armor works. All the settings start on default values so enabling the patch does nothing by itself. The armor formula works like this:
  • 1.) All damage gets multiplied by a base reduction level. This level is (100 / 100 + armor level). So 50 armor reduces damage by 1/3 on default numbers. This can be changed in Armor Ratio Modifier setting now. A setting of 50 would mean an armor level of 50 would reduce damage by half. A setting of 10 would mean an armor level of 10 would reduce damage by half, and an armor level of 40 would reduce by 3/4.2.) Based on the damage type, armor then offers a flat reduction. By default this is 0.5 per armor for slash, 0.33 per armor for pierce, and 0 for blunt. Then a portion of damage bypasses this reduction so that at least some damage gets through for every hit. By default this is 10% for slash, 25% for pierce, and 100% for blunt. All of these numbers can be changed in the Reduction and Bypass values in settings.

All features must first be enabled in the Mod Options menu.
You can click on an option to type in an exact number instead of using the slider. Leaving something disabled or set to the default setting means the code for that particular patch doesn't fire at all and the existing game method won't be touched, so if something is causing an issue or incompatibility it can be safely turned back off. If a patch fails, you should get an error message popup.

New refining recipes:
4 wood -> 2 or 3 charcoal with perk
10 wood -> 5 or 8 charcoal with perk
1 ore + 1 charcoal = 2 or 3 crude iron with perk
10 ore + 8 charcoal = 20 or 30 crude iron with perk
3 crude iron +1 charcoal = 2 wrought iron
20 crude iron + 8 charcoal = 16 wrought iron
2 wrought iron + 1 charcoal = 1 crude iron + 1 iron
20 wrought iron + 8 charcoal = 9 crude iron + 11 iron
The steel recipes are the same as the wrought iron -> recipe.

As of 0.1.8, formulas are now customizable in the options, defaulting to the above.

This mod Harmony patches the following methods:
Postfix overriding result DefaultCharacterDevelopmentModel.get_LevelsPerAttributePoint - TMLLevelsPerAttribute
Postfix overriding result DefaultCharacterDevelopmentModel.get_FocusPointsPerLevel - TMLFocusPerLevel
Postfix overriding result DefaultSmithingModel.GetRefiningFormulas - TMLEnableRefiningFormulas
Postfix dividing result DefaultSmithingModel.ResearchPointsNeedForNewPart - TMLFasterParts
Postfix modifying result DefaultSmithingModel.GetModifierTierForSmithedWeapon - TMLAlwaysCraftBest
Prefix and postfix adding xp in MobileParty.DailyTick - TMLTrainTroopsPerks, TMLCaravanPatch
Prefix running some code before Town.DailyTick - TMLTrainTroopsBuilding, TMLMilitiaStarve
Prefix overriding input SecondPhase.IncreaseConspiracyStrength - TMLNoConspiracy
Postfix overriding DefaultSmithingModel.GetEnergyCostForSmelting - TMLNoStamUse
Postfix overriding DefaultSmithingModel.GetEnergyCostForRefining
Postfix overriding DefaultSmithingModel.GetEnergyCostForSmithing
Prefix overriding CraftingCampaignBehavior.HourlyTick -TMLRegenOutside
Prefix limiting variable in HideoutMissionController.InitializeMission - TMLHideout
Prefix overriding DefaultItemValueModel.GetEquipmentValueFromTier - TMLValuePatch
Prefix overriding DefaultFeats.InitializeAll - TMLFeatPatch (Removed in 0.2.0 since the 1.3.0 beta version fixed this).
Postfix adding to result of DefaultPartySizeLimitModel.CalculateMobilePartyMemberSizeLimit - TMLCaravanPatch, TMLPartySizeBonus, TMLLordNoRespawnTroops
Postfix overriding DefaultWorkshopModel.GetMaxWorkshopCountForPlayer - TMLBaseWorkshop, TMLWorkshopPerLvl
Postfix adding to DefaultClanTierModel.GetPartyLimitForTier - TMLBaseParty, TMLPartyPerLvl
Postfix overriding DefaultClanTierModel.GetCompanionLimitForTier - TMLBaseCompanion, TMLCompanionPerLvl
Postfix overriding CraftingCampaignBehavior.IsOpened - TMLUnlockParts
Prefix overriding DefaultSettlementMilitiaModel.CalculateMilitiaChange - TMLMilitiaBonus, TMLMilitiaStarve
Prefix multiplying variable in Hero.AddSkillXp - TMLHeroXP
Prefix multiplying variable in TroopRoster.AddXpToTroopAtIndex - TMLTroopXP
Postfix modifying result of DefaultSettlementProsperityModel.CalculateProsperityChange - TMLProsperityPatch
Prefix overriding CombatStatCalculator.ComputeRawDamageNew - TMLArmorPatch
Postfix overriding DefaultTroopSacrificeModel.GetLostTroopCount - TMLSiegeLoss
Prefix changing input for DefaultCombatXPModel.GetXpFromHit - TMLPracticeXP
Postfix modifying variable after MapInfoVM.UpdatePlayerInfo - TMLDailyFood
Postfix multiplying IssuesCampaignBehavior.CalculateAverageNotableIssueNumbers - TMLTownIssues
Postfix multiplying IssuesCampaignBehavior.CalculateAverageNobleIssueNumbers - TMLNobleIssues
Postfix applying a clamp to IssueManager.DoesSettlementHasIssueEffect - TMLIssueEffect

And Overrides:
DefaultPartySpeedCalculatingModel - TMLFixSpeedFeats
DefaultSettlementGarrisonModel - TMLNoStarve


Q. Help! My game crashes on start!
A. Check the following:
1). Did you unblock all the dlls in bin\Win64_Shipping_Client? Not doing this will cause a crash.
2). Have you tried booting with only this mod selected? This will quickly narrow down if it's this mod or another causing the crash.
3). The way this mod is written, none of the particular patches should cause a crash on start. But if it does, you can try disabling pieces of it by changing the values to false or the default number in the xml file. If part of this mod is causing a crash, please let me know!

Q. Help! My game crashes randomly!
A. This mod uses a few DailyTick patches, which could potentially cause a crash to happen while passing time on the world map. If your game is randomly crashing, try running the save with only this mod enabled. If it still crashes, let me know so I can track it down!

Q. Help! Part of this mod isn't working!
A. If you didn't get an error message and have the Config file set properly, it's likely that another mod is overriding this one. Going into Mod Options and saving the options again may help.

Q. Help! This mod is breaking another mod!

A. This mod is probably not compatible with mods that replace the methods listed above. If you would prefer the functionality of another mod, use the mod options to disable the part of the mod that is conflicting with the mod in question. Once disabled, the code will not fire and compatibility will be restored. Patches which simply add to the result of something will likely be compatible, but may produce unexpected results.

Q. Can you make a mod that does XYZ?
A. Ask in the discussion section of this mod. If I have the time and inclination, I might add it to this mod. I do this as a hobby with limited free time, so no promises!