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You have a 50 man party, with 30 elite cataphracts and 20 recruits. You decide to fight some looters and now 5 cataphracts are dead. Yeah... this mod will help you with that.

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Better Auto Calc is a mod which aims to help you with the issue of high level troops dying to garbage troops in auto resolve. The effect of this mod is subtle. You will still have the odd high tier troop die, but no longer will it be a guarantee like it feels in the native game.

What does the game do?

The way auto resolve works is (basically) like this:
- get a random troop from a party.
- get the power level of this troop, and apply it as damage to another defending troop.

The problem with native, is that the power levels of all troops are actually quite close to each other, as far as the game is concerned, there's not THAT much difference between a tier 1 and a tier 5. There is a difference, but it isn't a lot, which is why you often see high tiers be killed by low tier trash.

What does your mod do?

Better Auto Calc uses a new formula when calculating the power level of a troop. Essentially, it provides a slight buff to high tier troops, and a slight debuff to low tier troops. This buff/debuff can be modified through a config file provided by the mod, so you can change it to your hearts content. Read the Details section below to learn more.


- Manually download the lastest version (I don't trust Vortex).
- Extract the folder called "BetterAutoCalc" onto "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules".
- Launch the launcher, go to mods, and enable "BetterAutoCalc".
- Endorse, or else the mod won't work.


The factor value (which you can modify in the config) defaults to 0.4. the lower you make it, the weaker buffs/debuffs are across the board. The following data assumes the factor value remains as default:

Tier 1 troop = 74% power level.
Tier 2 troop = 87% power level.
Tier 3 troop = 100% power level.
Tier 4 troop = 113% power level.
Tier 5 troop = 126% power level.
Tier 6 troop = 140% power level.

Although the values seem low, there is now a 52% extra difference in power levels when comparing a tier 5 unit to a tier 1. Which means that the low tier troop is not likely to produce such damage to kill the high level troop. But it can still happen, this is no guarantee.

My game crashes, why?

- You didn't unblock my .dlls.
- You're running some other mod that's messing with the "GetPower" function.

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