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Make your battles more immersive by giving each troop its own personal stamina bar, spent as the troop fights and runs around the battlefield and create tactical decisions in battle. "Do I retreat my tired infantry to recover their strength, or keep fighting below full strength? Should I fight on or delay for a fresh wave of reinforcements?"

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  • Turkish
BattleStamina - Working for Bannerlord 1.5.9+!
A small mechanical mod that adds a Stamina stat to each troop based off of their physical skills and combat abilities. As battles go on, troops will wear out and attack slower, being far less effective than fresh reserves or reinforcements. Take your troops out of combat to rest them, then have them rejoin the melee!

Now includes custom HUD element: the Stamina bar!

If you have a crash or bug, please report it on the Bugs tab.

BattleStamina is a combat mechanics mod, giving each character a new statistic during battle: stamina! This stat will reduce over the combat as characters attack, block, or take damage, and will reduce that character's attack speed and move speed. This adds tactical depth to battles as commanders will have to decide when to remove their tired troops from combat, or whether they should keep soldiers in reserve!

The current (recommended) calculation for stamina is as follows Total Stamina = 200 + 2 * Athletics + (All Weapon Skills) + Level. All numbers in this mod can easily be changed using the in-game 'Mod Options' screen on the main menu (if using Mod Configuration Menu)!

Currently, this value is only calculated during a combat scene and is reset each time. There are future plans to make stamina persist outside of battles, and affect things such as campaign move speed, morale, and more.


This mod is incompatible with any mod that removes/renames the original skills. Otherwise, this mod should be "drop-in/drop-out" compatible, meaning you can enable it or disable it at will, it currently only modifies combat scenes.
  • Improved Combat AI - Semi-incompatible. Reports of AI getting stuck in loops of switching weapons when their stamina gets too low. Recommend against using it for the moment.

Future Plans
  • Lose stamina from running (sprinting?)
  • Stamina damage lingers and recovers over time, like health
  • UI indicator over allied troops models that show their relative stamina level (shown when giving orders?)
  • Horses have stamina too, affecting their move speed
  • Stamina persists and modifies actions outside of combat
  • Equipment weight affects stamina use

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