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A new female preset for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord in 2024.

Permissions and credits
A Female Preset

A new preset for a female character:

I have been using my own modified versions of saltmaxwellpshk's Female Preset 2 for female characters as long as I've known it's been available. All credits go to this work and please check out the original as well if you have the time!

How to use

Simply download the text file and copy the text (ctrl+C)/paste (ctrl+V) on the character creation screen.

As far as I know, you should be able to use this preset with any mod as the ability to copy paste character data is built into the vanilla game. Mods that alter face textures may make it look worse - or better. I have not tested this.

Recommended Mods

    1. Detailed Character Creation
(Updated Steam workshop version)

2. Amazon Body and Armor

Inspired by + built upon:

Female preset 2:

A big thank you to saltmaxwellpshk for the original amazing preset and the permission to upload another preset based on it!