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Ellenthall will be a whole fantasy conversion mod featuring custom factions, new optional quest lines, new land mass, and fantasy races.

Permissions and credits
Current Version: Alpha 0.2.1

What's Included: 

Please Leave Feedback!
We're looking for lots of feedback in terms of balance or great fantasy ideas and what you'd like to see!

Live Progress Streamed Everyday
I live stream every day over at I've been streaming the development process for the last week. :)

Future Plans & Updates
Create Talveran Empire Lords
Create Wyndrake Rebellion
Create Orizyum Dwarves
Create Bollindur Orcs
Create Sethorn Elves
Create Cathalon Paladins 
Create Minor roaming factions, similar to elite troops in Pendor.
Create New World Map with updated landscape, towns, castles, and villages.
Create full campaign story line with optional quests and interesting lords with back stories.
Create new unique weapons for individual kingdoms.Create new unique trade goods unique to Ellenthall.
Update UI to have more fantasy feel.
Possible magic weapon system? Magic isn't very prevelant in the Ellenthall books I've been writing but there is some room for it in terms of old family and legendary weapons.

We're Looking For C# Coders, XML Editors, 3D Mesh Editors, UI Designers, Writers, & Voice Actors

If you're interested in helping out in this project, let me know! Best place to reach me is messaging me on the Nexus Forums so I can keep it organized.I'm currently looking for someone with C# coding abilities for creating and compiling complex dlls as I'm absolutely terrible at it (slowly learning). A few people might be better if we're taking on a big project like this. People who are comfortable with editing XMLs are also welcome!3D Artists, or modelers will also be sought after once we have the ability to edit meshes.People comfortable with editing GUI to give the UI a more fantasy theme would also be nice.Voice Actors are going to be great once we get some of the quests written out.There will probably be more things we'll need. But this is a good list at the moment. :)

If you'd like to support me, have questions, or want to see continual updates to this mod, you can drop a follow on my Twitch Stream at or my YouTube: 

A0.2.1 Patch Notes 4/20/20
Added 12 new units to the Cathalon faction. Primarily culture units like Caravan Guards, Militia + Vet Militia, and Town NPCs.
We have been working on some modding tools that should help us streamline this project faster for you guys. :)

A0.2.0 Patch Notes 4/18/20
  • Added the Holy Order of Cathalon 
  • 16 New Units that replace the Vlandian culture currently.
  • Swapped Talveran culture to Empire

A0.1.0 Patch Notes 4/17/20
  • Adds the Talveran Faction to the game.
  • 15 New Troops, Offering multiple troop trees, Infantry, Pikemen, Archers, Cavalry, and Mounted Archers.
  • This is a very early alpha version of Project Ellenthall with many more plans to improve the core structure as modding gets more advanced for this game.

How To Install Without Vortex / Mod Manager

Simply extract the "ProjectEllenthall" folder from the .rar into your SubModule folder located at:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord\SubModule