Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Spend influence to recruit nobles, tear down hideout by gold, spend gold to recruit bandits and mercenaries.

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No more need to cross the mountains to find a powerful landlord to give you a few poor noble arms!
From now on, the college of aristocrats is officially established on the continent of caradia!! As long as you have enough influence, under thousands of troops, all are your favorite noble soldiers!!
No more hideouts ~~~~ ~ spend money to eliminate the hideout, let them go!!

The mod features:
  1. After joining the country, you can enter any town in the country, enter the castle, and then enter the college of aristocrats to recruit the noble arms of the local culture.
  2. Each time the number of noble units to recruit is limited to 10, the unit price of different classes is different.
  3. Taverns in any country can use gold to quickly recruit mercenaries and various bandits.
  4. Eliminate  hideout by gold!!

Q: Why can't I see the college of aristocrats?
A: Must be in the same camp as the current city, and the influence is greater than 20!!

Q: Is it compatible with another pub recruitment MOD? Compatible with the latest version of the main?
A: Theoretically compatible with all mods, unless the source code changes too far.

Q: How can i translate this mod to my language?
A: you can find English version in Tornado_RecruitNoble\ModuleData\Languages\EN, translate and send a email to me "[email protected]"

  1. HideoutTriggerwhether you can force elimate hideout.
  2. LordRecruitNobleTriggerwhether lord can recruit noble solider by influnce.
  3. RecruitNobleCostRatio  customize the multiples of influnce consumptionm.
  4. RecruitNobleDailyLimit customize the number of times per day you can recruit.
  5. RecruitOnlyMercenarywhether you can recruit bandit in tavern.

1. Add gold cost message.

1. Recruit nobles now will cost your gold too.
  1. Add Türkçe language by ejderham1 help.
  2. Add Русский language by kndrat1996 help.
  3. Show information when the college of aristocrats can not serve for you.
  1. Added configuration file.
  2. Added a trigger for lords to recruit noble soldiers for their influence, which is off by default.
  3. Added a ratio of the college of aristocrats to recruit nobles to consume influence.
  4. Added a trigger to recruit mercenaries for bandits in the configuration file, which is off by default.
  5. Added a limit to the number of nobles recruited per day, the default is 2 times.
  6. Fixed a bug where recruiting mercenaries sometimes led to the recruitment of other special characters.
  7. When associating missions in hideout, you can't forced eliminate hideout.