Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod removes the hidden penalty to pregnancy chance that makes it impossible for females in clans with more than 60 members to get pregnant.

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If you've ever played a long game where several generations of your clan get married and have children, you may have noticed that after a while, the wives stop getting pregnant, even if they are young and should be fertile.

Bannerlord has a hidden penalty to pregnancy chance, that kicks in once a clan has more than 30 lords and ladies, including children. The penalty gradually increases, and at around 60 members it is so severe that pregnancy is impossible, and the clan essentially stops growing. Note that the penalty doesn't apply to the player character, so if you play a female it's always possible to have children as long as you are under 45.

This mod completely removes the penalty for all characters, allowing clans to keep growing indefinitely. This applies to both player and AI clans, so if you play for a very long time then Calradia will eventually have a huge amount of lords and ladies. If that's the kind of thing you want to see, then go ahead and install the mod, be fruitful and multipy!

Requires Harmony.