Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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The current persuasion system (Marriage, Quests, Adding nobles to your kingdom, etc) is extremely harsh on the player even at high values of charm, making the gaming experience frustrating for some players. The mod allows the player to ease (or harden) the difficulty of the negotiations.

Permissions and credits
POST version 2.0:

Added a third value to difficulties.txt (Read the section PRE 2.0).

The third value (I recommend leaving the 3 at 1.0) adds escalating odds with Charm for a balanced experience.  Vanilla experience is (1.0,1.0,0.0) in case you want to compare.

  1. The first value flatly increases your probability of success. It increases more very low probabilities. If you are going to use the Charm scaling (third value) I recomend leaving it to 1.0
  2. The second value reduces Critical Failure. If you are experiencing a lot of them, It may be a good idea to crank it up.
  3. The new third value controls charm scaling. 1.0 is the intended balanced experience. You can multiply the effect of charm by increasing or decreasing it. Below 50 Charm, Charm affects very fast until Charm 50, where it starts to slow so each point of Charm from there on has diminishing returns. At 100, it adds 1 point to the first flat value, and at 400 it adds 2, for a reference. In some quick tests, increasing your charm is rewarding up to 300 or so, then the odds are stable at 60-90% with good relations/traits, which seem reasonable.

PRE version 2.0:
The mod keeps 99% of the persuasion system unchanged, i.e. still scales positively with charm and is influenced by personal traits and relationship with the character. It provides the user with two values that can be modified in the file


defaulting to 1.5 and 1.3.

The higher the first number, the easier is to have a positive outcome in the negotiations (Success/Critical Success). The higher the second value the harder (works inversely) is to have a negative outcome in the negotiations. Values have to be positive. Decimals less than 1.0 make it harder for hardcore people. At  ~15 the probability is almost 100% except in very extreme cases.

Note: the screen capture is done with both values equaling 20 for visual purposes. (the  103% bug is fixed)

Installation: Copy the folder into YourGameFolder\Modules\.
If the game crashes at launch in Win10, you need to right-click the mod .dll and click unblock

Future work: Add a slider in the menu to control the values.

Note2: Aparently some people in the beta branch are having problems. I do not use the beta, so I won't try to debug them.  Sorry.