Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod assigns troops to their proper group - IE Skirmishers to Skirmishers, Ranged units to Ranged, Cavalry to Cavalry, and Heavy Infantry to Heavy Infantry.

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!!!---- OUTDATED WITH 1.5 -----!!!

Currently, Bannerlord does not save player group settings upon client restart. This mod fixes some default troop groups.

Skirmishers are considered to be such if they came from skirmisher low tier unit or have throwing weapons & a high throwing skill. Example: Battanian Wood Runner -> Battanian Skirmisher -> Battanian Veteran Skirmisher -> Battanian Wildling

Heavy Infantry are tier 3 or higher troops that do not have a shield. Example: Aserai Mameluke Axeman -> Aserai Mameluke Guard -> Aserai Mameluke Palace Guard

These changes help the player command his troops. I have not confirmed that enemy AI uses these groupings yet.

Install instructions:

  1. Install with Vortex
  2. Enable mod in Vortex Launcher
  3. Enable mod in Bannerlord Launcher. 

  1. Manual install
  2. Unzip in 'Modules' Bannerlord folder 
  3. Enable mod in Bannerlord Launcher.

I think the mod 'Fixed Troop Stats' by Ragnar is an essential mod. I have created a compatibility patch for his mod. The patch module should be last to load. Load order should look like this in Bannerlord launcher

  • Default Troop Group Fix
  • Fixed Troop Stats
  • Default Troop Group Fix - Fixed Stats Patch
Save game compatible

Full Change Log:


!!!---- OUTDATED WITH 1.5 -----!!!