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About this mod

(Not a Reshade) Fixes all vanilla lighting issues and improves all towns, cities, and battlefields, without performance impact. Also includes fixes for interiors, and the campaign map!

Permissions and credits

Individually hand tuned custom lighting for environments.
Fixes the game's lighting, contrast, and tone mapping effects
Covers indoors, outdoors, and for all times of day for every region, town, and battlefield.
Compatible with main and beta branch game versions

Progress Updates:
 Check out the sticky for current progress and updates

Scroll down and read the FAQ below
for troubleshooting before posting

To Install
- Remove ALL prior reshade files you probably installed before this mod
- Just unzip to: \Steamapps\Common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\  (Vortex support removed because its terrible)
- Over-write if prompted
- Start the Game
- Look for a blue "Dro's Lighting Improvement Mod Enabled" message at bottom of game's loading screen to confirm its working
- NOTE: This mod will NOT show up on the launcher

To Uninstall / Emergency Removal 
Delete the following files in \bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\ : d3d11.dll, dllsettings.ini, and the TextureMods folder
If you have a dxgi.dll in your folder, you had a previous install of Reshade you did not remove

Recommended Settings
- In-game Brightness sliders both set to 0
- Exposure Slider at 50% or up to 75%

Its not working/My Game Crashes

The game's default launcher is broken, don't use it. I highly recommend Bannerlord Mod Launcher
Extract it to your steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord folder and make a desktop shortcut - launch the game using this and nothing else.

If you need to get it working with Steam in order to get the mod working check out my guide here

  • Download the required Windows support files
Download x64 and x86 versions of Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 

  • Copy your own computer's d3d11.dll
1. Install the mod
2. Go to C:\Windows\System32
3. Create a copy of d3d11.dll and rename it to ori_d3d11.dll
4. Copy the new ori_d3d11.dll file to: SteamApps\Common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\

  • Try running your launcher or bannerlord.exe as admin

  • Unblock the DLL Files on Windows 10
1. Download the DLL Unblocker Tool  and unzip to your Common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\ folder, then run it
1. After downloading the .zip file, right click it and choose Properties
2. Look for the "Unblock" checkbox at the bottom if you have it and check it
3. Press OK and proceed to install normally

  • Remove the Mod
Delete d3d11.dll in the game .exe folder if nothing else stops crashing, this removes the mod

Compatibility Issues
Can I use it with Reshade?
This mod uses ResoRep texture injection - not compatible with other mods that use d3d11.dll or dxgi.dll files like Reshade unless you are able to chain load external .dll files

Can I use it for multiplayer?
No, single-player only

It's too bright/dark
- Some patches reset your brightness and exposure settings, re-calibrate them both ingame and hit save
- Before complaining on the forums make sure to Calibrate your Monitor Here
- Make sure you are on the LATEST mod version
- Post a link to a screenshot with the town/area affected and time of day so I try to re-produce it

Sometimes I get these black squares on my screen
This is an issue from the vanilla game. Disable "Screen Space Reflections" in the options to keep it from happening.

Confirmed Compatible Mods

Campaign Map - No Fog