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  1. Moisi
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    For those having CTDs in latest version:

    1. Make sure to delete any modlib folder from modules
    2. Make sure to delete any modlib folder from vortex folders; AppData\Roaming\Vortex\mountandblade2bannerlord\mods
    3. Go to: C:\Users\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs and delete anything related to modlib.
    4. Install latest version clean.

    Worked fine after.
    1. fuzyhentaipanda
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      Thanks. This was driving me nuts.
    2. Minohaji
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      Thank you! This worked for me, I was going crazy about this!
    3. Tokashi
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      Not sure why I should bother sticky this because not everyone can read sticky posts and will probably ask the same question.
      Lets see if it works.

      Thanks for this.
      Vortex is currently not helping at all.
  2. foltestheir
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    Maybe tedious but well worth it.
    Followed all steps and its working perfectly fine by itself.
    now for the moment of truth, hope it still works with all the mods i use lol.
  3. Zennovic
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    Turns out Kaoses Party Sizes mod make me crash
    1. Njorunn
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      Only if you use the party-speed features. If you disable all those and only use party-sizes then it should work.
  4. Zilyanna
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    Alright, I have done everything this mod said to try and get it run. I unblocked everything, used powershell, tried both launchers, followed all of the launchers instructions (the launchers worked, this mod did not), removed every mod from the folder except this mod, made sure it was under all of the required files like it said, and above all files needed to use Modlib, and the game still will not load for me. it keeps crashing, didn't touch anything i was not supposed to touch and it is 100% this mod that is causing the crash the game to crash. Any tips or advice would be appreciated so I can utilize other mods that needs modlib. Also, this is the first time ive installed modlib so the cleaning stuff doesnt apply here
    1. xHuss
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    2. ObanMark
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      Same. Are you two using Windows 7, as well? Perhaps that's the issue.
    3. Drax70
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      No! I CTD with e1.4.2 main version.
      "Better Exception Window" says it is "Modlib" the cause of it and I don't think it is the Windows version, because I'm on W.10

      This needs to be updated asap, a lot of mods depend on it!

      Where is @Tokashi???
  5. LupineGamer0422
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    For some reason I can't unblock the dll files for this mod, works fine in everything else, but this one says I don't have access. Anyone know how to fix this? Tried moving it to desktop and documents and changing it there, still no luck. Game is crashing on launch.
  6. gbrilleCraft
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    1.4.3 test, using better exception window for help if error:

    Mod status: Safe
    1. gbrilleCraft
      • member
      • 191 posts
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      Here is a list of my curent load order in my launcher of mods working and not working under 1.4.3! Have fun guys!

      Diplomacy fixes (Not working)
      Better Exception Window
      Mod Configuration Menu V3
      MCMv3 MBO/MCMv2 Integration
      MCMv3 Modlib v1/v13 Integration
      Alt Save Missing Module Fix
      Developer Console
      Community Patch (Not working but error log thing still does and help!)
      Detailed Character Creation (Not working)
      Settlement Icons
      Unlimited Mecenary Clans
      Cas' Kingdom Destruction Mod (Not working)
      Companion's Patrols (Not working)
      Health Rebalance Fix (Not working)
      Initialize Troop Lists Patch (Not working)
      Player Encounter Do Apply Result Patch (Not working)
      Vlandian Levy Fix
      AI Values Life (Not working)
      Another chance at Marriage (Not working)
      Banner Paste
      Better Party Limits
      Caravans Give Trade XP (Updated 1.4.3!)
      Companion Overhaul (not working)
      Custom Wanderers
      Enable Unit Skills (FIxed by 1.4.3 itself, no longer necesary)
      Equip Best Item (Not working) Fix at:
      Fighting Togheter Relationship (not working)
      Fix siege ai (Not working)
      Heroes must die (Not working)
      Heroes Missing Fix (Not working)
      Hideout Party Limit removed (Not working)
      Hideout Send troops (Not working - Never could test)
      Interesting Companions
      Just let me play (Not working)
      Less greedt Rulers (Not working)
      Merc Fix
      More Mecenaries
      Noble Nobles
      Party AI Overhaul and Commands (Updated for 1.4.3!)
      Party screen enhancements (Not working alone but fixed via optional file which does make it work!)
      Persuasion Less Brutal
      PLayer Execute Edit (Not working)
      Prisoner Influence Gain (Not working)
      Separatism (Not working)
      Sound the alarm
      True Prisoners (Updated 1.4.3!)
      Workshop Income
      Workshop Saver
      zCulturedStart (Updated for 1.4.3!)
      Bannerlord Tweaks (Not working)
      Kill Bandits Raise Relations (Not working)
      Lootlord (Not working)
    2. TruFrost
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      Hi GbrilleCraft;

      Thanks for the detailed listing of your mods, including which ones are working, it gives me more information for attacking restoring all my (30+) mods for 1.4.3.

      (btw, my Hideout Send Troops IS working, thank Goodness! Dunno why, though)

      Good Luck To All!
      P.S. Man ... now if only someone would/could fix Tournaments Xpanded!)
    3. lmaolarryyyy
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      thanks for the detailed list!
    4. gbrilleCraft
      • member
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      Np for the list to both of you, glad to help and hope to soon see more 1.4.3 updates! As for hideout send troops i think i either once had a crash from it or it appeared within the exception log generated by Community patch even if no crash. I re-enabled it today and tested it again without any crash and hideout mods like this one and no limit are very useful to me. Thank you for your work!
  7. DeerTrap
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    Please update for 1.4.3!!!
  8. artifixer
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    Could you please update harmony version to the newest Game uses first version of harmony loaded and modlib tends to be on top of mod order. So having API mod using outdated version of 0Harmony.dll is not very good.
    Thank you!
  9. equillian
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    For anyone having issues with crashing to desktop after installing this. (You might have to learn how to do some stuff, apologies in advance)

    1. Open Powershell as administrator.
    2. Run this:
    get-item "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\" | Get-ChildItem -Recurse | Unblock-File

    Everything from get-item all the way to unblock-file. You MAY have to change the path to modules if your steam library containing Bannerlord isn't on your C drive.
    1. dundada
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      nice thx man
    2. TheGalvanize
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      works like a charm, thank !
  10. vanperski
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    not really that user friendly if you have anything other than an immediately successful install
  11. TruFrost
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    Does anyone know if this mod can run concurrently with Mod Configuration Menu? (MCM) I'd like to install Modlib (I already have MCM) for Bannerlord tweaks, but I THINK I read something a couple weeks back (somewhere!) that says Modlib and MCM are incompatible, and only one at a time can be used? Does anyone know for SURE?

    I have over 20 mods delicately and delightfully installed, and I don't want to topple my house of cards, if it can't be done.


    Jack Frost (Bannerlord junkie ... over 600 hours playtime!) (NON-programmer, so keep that in mind, heh.)

    *UPDATE* After two more days of continuing research, I have read on the fine print of the MCM mod that these two ARE COMPATIBLE! It says to make SURE that MCM is listed as early as possible, and that Mod LIB is BELOW MCM.

    Good luck, all!!!