Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Peasants upgrade to militia lines (spearmen & archer) instead of watchmen. Armed traders (from militia archers) upgrade to caravan guards or merge back into t4 archers.

Permissions and credits
  • The peasants from individual factions are now connected to the militia lines (spearmen & archer) instead of only watchmen.
  • Militia Spearmen can now upgrade into veterans or mercenary guards
  • Militia Archers upgrades into veteran archers or armed traders.
  • Armed traders upgrade to caravan guards (with sumpter horse) or the faction's t4 ranged unit

This mod should be compatible with any savegame or mod which doesn't touch the aforementioned troops tree or the mercenary_2 troop (Mercenary Guard). In the 1.3.0 Beta, peasants only upgrade to recruits - currently this mod will overwrite those upgrades.