Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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About this mod

Adds a new HUD element that provides real-time updates about your troops' ammunition count, health, mount health, and shield health.

Level up your troop management with clear and concise information about your formations.
Make smarter decisions on the battlefield with a glance!

Permissions and credits

  • Aggregated troop statistics
    Get real-time updates about your troops' ammunition count, health, mount health, and shield health.
  • Configurable refresh rate
    Updates troop information every 5 seconds, but can easily be configured to your preference.
  • Distribution analysis
    Optionally, discover the average health among troops below or above the overall average, helping you identify health disparities within your formations.


Designed to be compatible with most other mods as it does not modify existing game behaviors. However, mods that alter MissionBehaviors or formation logic may affect this mod's functionality.

Multiplayer Support
Currently compatible with singleplayer mode only, as it requires explicit whitelisting by server owners for multiplayer usage.

Originally made for personal use but is now available for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Open-source and MIT licensed
Available for public access under the permissive MIT license.
You can find the source here [Github link].


If you encounter issues with the mod, there are a few things that you may try in order to fix them:

  • Try running the game with only this mod activated (plus its dependencies) and see if the issue persists. If not, a mod conflict is causing your issue.
  • Verify game installation is correct & unaltered. If using Steam, use the "verify files" feature for your Bannerlord installation. Then try the first pointer again.
  • Re-download the mod, in case some files were modified/corrupted.
  • If you have had issues with other mods as well, you may consider reinstalling the game, updating drivers, etc.

If the pointers above all fails, please leave a comment with details about your issue and your system. Include OS, game version, module-run-order for all modules used when running the mod, and whatever else you may find useful for me to know when troubleshooting.