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Player and AI can hire mercenaries in towns & villages, female mercs, new mercenary troop types & cultures, configuration - and more!

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What is Soldiers of Fortune?
Soldiers of Fortune is a mod all about mercenaries and their ilk - it expands upon the vanilla tree, adding a variety of new mercenary troops, and introduces new (cultural/regional) mercenary troops. And importantly, it introduces new ways of hiring these mercenary units - and even gives the AI the ability to recruit them! With this mod they will be available for recruitment in towns and villages.

As it stands, the mod includes the following new troops:
  • Western (Vanilla) Mercenaries
  • Eastern Mercenaries
This mod does not touch tavern recruitment, and as such tavern recruitment retains vanilla functionality.

How does Soldiers of Fortune work?

Soliders of Fortune takes advantage of Harmony to patch Native/Vanilla methods (BasicTroop & GetRecruitVolunteerFromIndividual), the former method for injecting mercenary units into the pool whilst the latter is used to prevent or reduce (if desired) AI recruitment of mercenary troops.

Can the mod be adjusted? What if I don't want AI recruitment of mercenaries, or just want the expanded trees?

Courtesy of ModLib by mipen, this mod's features can be (as of v1.1.0) be adjusted via an ingame mod options menu, accessed from the main menu.

The adjustable options are as follows:
  • Global Mercenary Injection - in case you do not want mercenary troops injected into any pools, this will disable it and revert the mod to a vanilla troop tree extension (all troops can be accessed via cultural peasants & or upgrading from troops found in taverns).
  • Global Mercenary Injection rate - this allows for adjusting the rate of injection, giving you the freedom to halve the values or double them via a  modifier. If you want more granular control, see  Modules/zSoldiersofFortune/Config/TroopRef.xml
  • AI Recruitment - control if the AI recruits mercenary troops from towns/villages.
  • AI Recruitment chance - if you want the AI to recruit, but want to reduce the number of mercenaries recruited (because you feel there are too many in their armies), you can adjust the chance of successfully recruiting them. Failure will result in the troop being replaced with a recruit of the hiring parties' culture. If their culture has no defined recruit, they will recruit the mercenary unit as a fall-back

Do mind that though an update making this an optional dependent is pending, customisation will likely be very limited if you do not use ModLib (and as such it is recommended).

What is the full feature list?

  • Implements fixes for the Mercenary unit types, relating to their stats and classifications.
  • Introduces a Warband-inspired female mercenary tree.
  • Elaborates upon the Generic 'Western' Mercenary types to include equipment and
  • troop types that reflect on the various non-eastern/southern cultures.
    • Aesthetically they attempt to follow the native/original designs.
    • Includes a Ranged Tree, upgraded to from Western/Northern/Imperial Peasants > Hunters.
    • Elaborates on the Melee Tree, which upgrades as normal from Peasant > Watchmen.
      • Pikes, Spearmen and Macemen are the primary additions.

  • Introduces "Eastern" Mercenaries, with equipment primarily from Eastern and Southern Cultures.
    • Sponsors Skirmisher and Camelry trees.
  • Balances Mercenaries to be somewhat skilled, matching the paycheck associated
  • with them - but with a gear trade-off, as many Mercenary units are comparably worse than faction-equiv units in regards to equipment.
  • If AI Recruitment is enabled, the AI will recruit the mercenary troops from the recruitment pool.


  • This mod should be fairly compatible with other mods. However, it makes edits (via XML override) to the Native/Vanilla mercenary units (to implement fixes, and allow upgrading of those units to the new merc types).
  • It is named 'zSoldiersofFortune' to force later loading, to favour changes made by this mod over those made by other mods, so if other modders are being polite with their naming convention, then this mod should generally load last.
  • This mod is existing-savegame compatible, so can be added to a game in progress (in most cases) but cannot be removed from an existing save after use, due to troop tree edits. Removing from a game in progress will cause crashes. You have been warned!

  • Extract the mod folder named 'zSoldiersofFortune' to your modules folder:
  • For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules
  • Active the mod in the mod launcher.

Q. Help! I'm crashing on launch
A. Make sure you have  ModLib by mipen installed and enabled. If you do have it installed and enabled via the launcher, make sure you are on the latest non-beta version of Bannerlord (beta versions update too often to maintain this mod for, so are unsupported).