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Full Garrisons with little effort: Buy a recruiter that wanders through Calradia and recruits for you!

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This mod adds a recruiter to your castles and towns that recruits volunteers for you and takes them to your garrison!

Buy a recruiter
Go to your Castle or your town keep (in a town: Go To Keep), click on the Option "Hire a recruiter" and choose which culture your recruits should have and how many denars you want to spend on your recruits. The recruiter will only go to Settlements you are not at war with.

Track your recruiters
You can see a list of all your recruiters in the Clan Parties tab under Garrisons! Their current Gold is displayed in the Morale Column.

Recurring Recruitment-Missions
Better recruiter AI for multiple recruiters

Copy the downloaded Folder to the Modules folder of your Bannerlord installation. Don't forget to activate the mod in the launcher! There is a bug in the Bannerlord save-functionality. If you deactivate this mod you have to install Save Missing Module Fix to fix this bug. Hopefully this bug will be fixed soon!

Bannerlords code is a mess, I've learned a lot by stuying the code of the awesome mod BuyPatrols ( by Basilpanda. Thanks a lot for creating the mod and allowing me to use some of the code!

The mod is open source! You find the sourcecode here: