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This is a Rework of the Sturgian Troop Tree.
I played them and somehow the Sturgian Troops felt a bit weird. The Spearman was absolute crap with just T3 equipment as T4 unit and the Ulfhednar looses almost all armor, etc.
So I wanted to balance them a little bit.
This is my first mod.
Feedback is always welcome.

Permissions and credits
  1. I gave the Sturgians more Axes and Shields. Now they shouldn't use that much swords like before.
  2. Axes, Spears, Shields are easy to craft and effective, while Swords require Iron and it takes some time to make one.
  3. I just wanted to balance some things and ended up changing the equipment of all units. So now there should be a lot more variety on the
  4. different soldiers in battle.
  5. Troop Changes in general:
  6. Warrior:                  They got better shields and more axes
    Soldier:                   More Axes, more equipment variety
    Spearman:             A little bit better armor, better shields, T4 axes and spears
    Shock Troop:         Better body armor, no longer small shields
    Veteran Warrior:    Round shields for everyone.
    Ulfhednar:              A Chainmail armor and better axes
    Archer:                   Removed Chainmail armor, they now have lamellar armor and vests
    Veteran Archer:     These guys got the Chainmail from the normal archer
    Brigands:       They got some Maces and Axes

    For most other units: Just some equipment changes, more variety in armor.

There is a seperate version of the mod with shielded recruits.

Yeah I know it's just lightweight changes, but I wanted to stay as close as possible on vanilla.
This mod is fully savegame compatible, and you can continue your campaign even after uninstalling.

This is a Non-Module Mod, because I couldn't change the equipment of the units otherwise. The game doesn't use equipment changes from module mods.
Please make a backup of your "spnpccharacters.xml" in your "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBoxCore\ModuleData" folder.

Install Instructions: Unzip and drop files into "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord" and overwrite.
Deinstalling: Use your backup of the "spnpccharacters.xml" or verify files over steam.