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Wait too long for your children to grow up and fight for you?
Not any more! Your son will grow up to a fighter in the pace as however you want it.
Fully configurable in the Mod Option Menu.

And he will be available in your party at the age of 14(Default)! (Enough age for a fighter in the evil middle age)

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Wait too long for your children to grow up and fight for you?

Not any more! Your children will grow up within 4 years(Default value, now fully configurable). (25*14 = 350days 350/84 = 4.16 years)

Now the hero becoming of age(The age at which children become a playable hero in Calradia) is completely configurable through Mod Options Menu.

In default, he/she will be available in your clan at the age of 14! (Enough age for a fighter in the evil middle age)

He will grow rapidly until the Growth Stop Age. 

All of your newborn babies will be available at the age of your configuration.

And they will be aging at the configured pace.

In the native vanilla version, your wife could deliver a child in about 30 days or so.
So instead of your wife gave birth to 2 0-year-old children in a year(pretty strange setting in the vanilla version).

This mod makes all of them grow up quickly and remain in a natural order.

And your child will gain some free attribute points and focus points when he reaches the Hero Becoming of Age!

And when a child grows up to a hero, all of his/her elder brothers/sisters, father and mother will be aging one year older.

In this way, you remain some years older than your sons, and the ages of the siblings don't get messed up in order.

Configurable Items
Now a lot of things are configurable.

I.E. :


Fixes for Known Issues: 



1. Not compatible with Faster Come of Age 

This mod modifies the game's defaultAge model. So Grow Up And Work mod could not be used together with Faster Come of Age

2. Partially compatible with Detailed Character Creation
Please check the latest 1.1.0 version. My mod will hopefully be compatible with DCC in version 1.1.0

3. Compatibility With Older Version Grow Up And Work:

Fully Compatible with the older version of Grow Up And Work. Just Delete old version folders, and download and extract the new version into the Modules folder of the game. Then you are good to go.

1. In Default, this mod only affects Main Character's children. All of the NPC's children will grow normally. 

2. However, you could now config it in the Main Menu, Mods Option -> GrowUpAndWork, to enable the NPC's children faster growth. All the children under the configured Stop Faster Growth Age will now grow Rapidly at the same pace as your children. (Pretty Awesome).

3. Once your child reaches 18, he will no longer grow any faster. However if his/her younger brother/sister grows up to 13, he will be aging a little bit cause he is meant to be older. Right?

4. Inheritance: children now inherit the skills of parents. Grils inherit more from mother. Boys inherit more from fathers. (If enabled NPC's Children faster growth, their children will inherit the same way as your children).

Any suggestions and opinions, questions, bug reports are welcome!

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