Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds loosing all your gear and money when imprisoned. Rock bottom start. And player stashes to compensate.
Every option is togglebale in settings.xml
If you want just the stashes you can turn everything else off.

Permissions and credits
This mod comes with options to make your early game harder. Save game compatible.
1.1.0 1.1.1, 1.1.2 should be compatible. 
Every option is togglebale in settings.xml 

Start options:
Start as looter.
Start with no money.
Start with war with all kingdoms
Start with war with all clans
Start with bad relations
Start naked with nothing

imprisoned options:
Loose all money when imprisoned
Loose all gear when imprisoned
Your comapnions also loose gear when imprisoned as an option

player stashes/ player storage.
To compensate you have stashes in every town castle and village where you can store your items and money. It’s not a global stash so it’s not shared between locations. 

You can use this mod just for player stashes and turn everything else off. Or to have a rock bottom start. Perfect for bandit playthrough. And goes well with Fourberie
death for all and xp tweaks and rbm.

turn off the grind and in game music, enable death for all. Switch on  and play bannerlord like a very deep depressive  rogue like. Iron mode is not recommended because 1.1.2 is very subtle to crashes. But if you die, you die.

If you know other ways to make bannerlord more hardcore I’m open for suggestions. 

Currently I’m thinking about rbm patch, to make other weapon types viable. Troop upgrade cost changes including kingdom troops to make more low tier appear in armies. Open to suggestions.