Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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From the creator of LootLord - LootEveryone! By Popular demand, this mod allows you to receive the loot of everyone that dies in battles that you're involved in.

Permissions and credits

Currently Compatible On Patch: e1.2.0 & e1.1.1

Version Changes: 

Changes in (Current Version) v1.2.3
-Fixed an issue with loot count not being properly reset after unloading

Changes in (Deprecated Version) v1.2.2:
-Only enemies drop loot now

Changes in (Deprecated version) v1.2.1:
-Tournament loot 100% fixed
-Loot now set to only be received if the player has won the battle
-Added multiplier with range of 1.0 - 1.5 which affects the price of items so that the prices vary a bit more

Changes in (Deprecated version) v1.2.0:
-Loot is now only available in loot screen instead of being directly added to inventory
-Simplified price threshold config settings so that the number you set is the number you get. Read the CONFIG_README for more info (YOUR CONFIG SETTINGS ARE RESET ONCE THIS IS DOWNLOADED)

Changes in (Deprecated Version) v1.0.1:
- Battles which yield loot are now only field battles
- Battles no longer require routing the enemy to receive loot. All loot is received post battle
- Fixed issue with killing animals in town causing a crash
- Adjusted default values to be more balanced. These can still be changed in the config file.

What is LootEveryone?
LootEveryone is a mod that allows you to receive the loot of everyone (except lords) that dies in battles that you're involved in.

Note: I will add that some of the items dropped from troops are insanely overpriced, allowing you to get money pretty easily if you can defeat the lord's party. However, you can configure both the drop rate and price threshold of items in the config file included with the mod.

DropChance Instructions: Change value between the "<DropChance></DropChance>" nodes
to whatever percentage you prefer.
When changing DropChance values in LootLordConfig.xml, the value must be a decimal between 0 and 1.0!
Whatever value you choose will be the percent chance of each item on the lord dropping.
(ie. value = 0.25, there is a 25% chance of items dropping; .10 = 10% dropping etc)

PriceThreshold Instructions: As of version 1.2.0, just set the threshold value to whatever threshold you want. If you want item value to be capped at 200, set the value to ~approximately~ 200. No more arbitrary values!

HorseArmorDisabled Instructions: Pretty self explanatory--true if disabled, false if enabled.

When you're in a battle with most units, after you've killed them and the battle is over, every unit that was killed will yield items directly to your inventory. The config settings have the default drop rate to 50% and the price reduction enabled with a value of 2000 (read the CONFIG_README).

Same as your other friendly mods: 

Vortex version: Simply install via mod manager

Manual Version:
  1. Download whichever file you want (With price config or without price config)
  2. Open archive
  3. Extract contents to Module folder in your Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord installation path
  4. (Optional) Change drop rate in LootEveryoneConfig.xml (default 100%)
  5. Profit

If the mod is crashing your game on startup, it's possible you haven't unblocked the modules from the mod.
To do this, go the your modules folder, and open LootEveryone folder. Right click on 0Harmony.dll and click properties. Then tick unblock at the bottom and click apply. Do that for the rest of the Dll's in the folder.

1. Apparently the mod is somewhat incompatible with Dismemberment. Units will yield ridiculous amounts of loot if you have both this mod and Dismemberment. This is likely because of how Dismemberment handles agents. Hopefully will fix this soon.

2. It's also likely this mod is somewhat incompatible with
 Item Fixer because of how it modifies item values. This won't cause any noticeable issues outside of messing with the prices of items that you've received - thereby interfering with your price threshold.

The mod should be compatible with 99.9% of mods out at the moment. 
This mod is also perfectly compatible with my other mod LootLord, and I recommend downloading both if you like this mod.

Should any bugs be encountered, please post them on the mod page, and I will see to it asap.

Check out my other mods if you're interested:
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Special Thanks
Special thanks to user Jerezereh for helping me a bunch with debugging the process AND even more with finding the ItemRoster for looted items :)