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Subtle Troop adjustments by edit of "spnpccharacters.xml", focused on logical advancements and gear: Swordsisters now have helmets and go to T6, Druzhinniks are now dismounted and similar to Huscarls.

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This is my first mod I publish, inspired by some thread on Reddit.

These changes have been adjusted to 1.1.2 and tested to a limited extend, tested extensively in 1.0.3. I launched a game with version 1.1.2 and the troops show up in the encyclopedia, the dismounted Druzhinnik Champions and Sword Sisters perform well in battle.

There are two mail files in the download section. With the help of user Oltopeteeh (thanks!) I managed to create a modular version of this mod that doesn't overwrite the vanilla spnpccharacters.xml (what would be rude) and also offers the option to choose what features you would like
to have (which is nice). The difference is that the modular version still reads the vanilla file and thus both configurations of troop gear appear in the game. This is not a huge issue but something I didn't intend. Someone of you may even like it that the Druzhinniks have 4 instead of 2 variants. You can reexperience our discussion and my learning process regarding this matter in the posts. Switching between both versions worked in my case.

I edited the spnpccharacters.xml in the sandbox game for some minor adjustments to some of the troops in Bannerlord that in vanilla kind of bothered me. Regarding the Tier 6 units I tried to keep balance as I set the sum of their ability scores to a similar level than the vanilla tier 6 units. In particular:


Sword Sisters
They now all have helmets. I don't want my girls with visible hair, I want them to survive. Survivage is prettier than visible hair. Their face can still be seen. They also go to Tier 6 and are mounted but don't require a horse for upgrading. They are mercenaries after all, cost more money and will buy their horses on their own. This can be adjusted by a simple change to the spnpccharacters.xml.
Gallant Sword Sisters can be upgraded to the Sword Sister Valkyrie. A medium to heavily armored (sub elite Cataphract) lancer unit with a fine light crossbow to give her some ranged abilities.
Veteran Sword Sisters can be upgraded to the Sword Sister Manhuntress. A heavily armored cavalry unit with a mace and a fine light crossbow with tournament bolts. She should deal only blunt damage and only knock unconscious what gives her a resemblance of the slaver chief from warband. She does well in sieges.

I missed the Huscarls from Warband. They were the best infantry unit, heavily armored, throwing abilities, could take a castle and stop a charge of mounted units. So I took away the horse from the inventories of both Druzhinniks and Druzhinnik Champions, gave them some throwing spears and put skill points from riding to athletics and throwing. I adjusted some gear so they have open helmets, badasses as they are.

Armed Traders, Caravan Guards and Militia
Militia can now all be upgraded to their veteran version.
Armed Traders go to Caravan Guard and finally Veteran Caravan Guard. I don't like Caravan Masters, so I excluded them from the upgrade tree.
Why wasn't this implement by default?

Battanian Mounted Skirmishers
They now have two stacks of javelins instead of one. They are still not top notch.

Battanian Veteran Falxman
They now have a falx additionally to their rhomphaia. Many people said that one shall not upgrade Falxmen to Veteran Falxmen since they lose their falx blade. I hope this change fixes this issue.

Khan's Guards and Keshigs
I didn't like that they had a worse bow than the Keshig. Now they randomly get one of two bows, either the Steppe War Bow or the Steppe Recurve bow, while the Keshigs get either Steppe Recurve Bow or the Heavy Recurve Bow. Yes, it makes the Khan's Guards even more overpowered, but it itched me that they got a worse bow. Why would I get a promotion and at the same time get worse equipment than before?

Used programs: Notepad++ and WinRAR


For the complete version: Make a Back Up of your spnpccharacters.xml in your "Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\SandBoxCore\ModuleData"-folder or rename it to something like spnpccharacters_vanilla.xml. Than copy this mods spnpccharacters.xml into that folder. Hence it will only work in sandbox - not tested in the story. Every unit that is part of a faction (everyone except sword sisters) works in custom battles.
For the modular version: Drop the folders you want to use into "...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules" along with the other mods. The folder structure should look like this: ...\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Quichybos Huscarls\ModuleData

Use at own risk! Once enabled, this mod may not be removed from that savegame since these units are already present in the game. To get rid of it, remove the mod and reload a savegame you did prior to this mod. For the modular version: Everything but the sword sisters can just be removed.

I really would have liked to make this mod modular in case someone likes one detail and dislikes something else. But I don't know how to do this. Feel free to do this but please mention me if you publish your change.