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Changes the way that AI handles war.

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I am on hiatus from all Bannerlord modding.

This mod's code is likely on my GitHub, if it's not, feel free to DM me if you'd like to update it to latest Bannerlord versions.

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- Banner Kings
Load this AFTER Banner Kings or it will result in a CTD. Banner Kings "slow parties" feature will not work UNLESS you turn off the party speed modifications at the bottom of the MCM config menu.
- Kaoses Tweaks
- Kingdom Politics Expanded
Load this BEFORE Kingdom Politics Expanded.

All Features of this can be disabled/enabled. If you dont like something, disable it! You can disable the entire mod without uninstalling it if for some reason you want to. Obviously I try to balance with everything enabled.

This aims to make wars even more impactful. No more just steamrolling your enemy. They now have defenses you must get through!

I am posting this mod so that others can playtest these new rules for bannerlord. It could lead to snowballing and other weird side affects but in my testing it is very dynamic in how kingdoms rise and fall. This mod also can allow for times of extended peace. Time for you to enjoy the sandbox and not forced to chop of heads the entire playthrough. I intend to add more to this mod and tweaks things in the future but need feedback from you guys and how it plays. Suggestions are welcome.

Note: This mod can be removed and added at will and it does not save anything. Everything is calculated real time.

This is a mod I created out of frustration of the current way that war works in Bannerlord. The purpose of this mod is to solve the following problems.

1.) AI gets free troops when they respawn
2.) AI has no defenses. Poor miltia and garrison.
3.) AI is always war hungry to point it crushes itself and theres never any downtime for players to enjoy the sandbox
4.) Peace. The current implementation for peace is that ONE side in a war has to ask for peace and it is accepted, no questions asked, by the other side. This makes no sense.
5.) Army logic is stupid 

1.) Integration of my other mod "FillStacks" which removes the free troops enemy lords get when they respawn. Now, they respawn like the player, alone. They need to refill their ranks just as the player does. This means that winning battles is VERY impactful and can turn the tide of a war if you are losing. 
2.) There are many checks in play now for when a kingdom can declare war.
2a.) Check if they would rather be at war than be at peace
2b.) AI in Bannerlord currently just take a random kingdom and see if it wants to declare war, there could be multiple kingdoms that meet that threshold. This is how kingdoms end up at war with multiple kingdoms for no reason. Now, they check to see only which kingdom would be the best target to attack, every time. No more random target selection for war declarations 
2c.) Would the kingdom support a war decision? If not, theres no point in even trying.
2d.) Only rulers can propose war and peace. This includes the player kingdom. 
2e.) The AI is heavily discouraged from declaring war when they are already in one. The more wars they are in, the more they are discouraged. 
3.) When an AI kingdom wants peace, the other side must also accept peace. This makes it so that once a kingdom starts loosing they cant just peace out immediately afterwards (Which is completely unrealistic). Wars are now very meaningful for the AI and the player.
4.) Militia's are nothing more than just an annoyance in vanilla. Now militias are much more relevant depending on if you are attacking a town, castle or village. The AI relies very heavily on auto recruitment, which Taleworld's decided should be 1 per day...Useless when 5 armies are running around for a kingdom and now they can attack together. Auto recruitment for AI and player now recruit from local regions (Town Nobles and bound village nobles) until it fills up. Filling a garrison much quicker without breaking the rules of the game or just getting "free troops from nowhere". The AI garrisons will now present a considerable challenge
5.) Military logic has changed. Raids and patrolling for armies has been drastically reduced. Armies are meant for attacking and defending. Clans will now prioritize defending their settlement to the highest extend. Expect clans to defend what is theirs. Ai Factions are now very different in wars and will do everything they can to win and take minimal losses. No more goofing around. Taleworld's has logic that has armies being created for sole purpose of patrolling a village, this is a waste of resources and effort and should happen no more. (Yes now Sturgia Even stands a chance) 

Compatibility: I have tested this mod with diplomacy as well and it works.