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Reduces the ridiculous price it costs for clans to join your kingdom. Fully configurable!

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Currently Compatible On Patch: e1.1.0 & e1.0.11

Version Changes: N/A

What is Cheaper Clan Barter?
Super simple mod which reduces the ludicrous price that some lords require to join your army

Config Instructions:
The config is super simple. Change the modifier to a decimal value between 0 and 1.0, not including 0 but including 1.0. The lower the number the lower the price. 0.5 is 50% of the original price, 0.2 is 20% of the original price, and so on.

The usage is very simple. When you've convinced a lord to join your army, you are sometimes required to pay them a fee to join. You'll see it in action there.

Same as your other friendly mods: 

Vortex Version:
-Simply install via mod manager

Manual Version:
  1. Download the mod
  2. Open archive
  3. Extract contents to Module folder in your Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord installation path
  4. (Optional) Change barter modifier in  CheapBarterConfig.xml (default 0.2)
  5. Profit

If the mod is crashing your game on startup, it's possible you haven't unblocked the modules from the mod.
To do this, go the your modules folder, and open CheapBarter folder. Right click on 0Harmony.dll and click properties. Then tick unblock at the bottom and click apply.
Do that for the rest of the Dll's in the folder.

The mod should be compatible with 99.9% of mods out at the moment, unless they modify the price of kingdom's joining your army.

Should any bugs be encountered, please post them on the mod page, and I will see to it asap.

Check out my other mods if you're interested:
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