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Updated RichVillages for 1.0.3. Reported to work on 1.1.0

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Sick of villages having a paltry 1000 denars? Or Towns with less than 50k? Crank it up (or down) to a customizable level (up to 10M). This mod
changes the amount of gold villages and towns start the day at. So, if
you want to be able to actually sell some expensive stuff to villages or
towns, crank up the denars to 100k or whatever you like.

Later in the game, or just with some powerful mods, you'll exhaust the gold (denars) at towns. Where else do you turn when you're selling
thousands of denars of loot from each battle. Or you have a lot of
crafted weapons that are expensive and you want to offload. 

This mod adjusts the amount of gold that villages start the day with.
Vanilla is 1k. With this mod you can change it from 1-10M (default is
1k, same as vanilla).

This mod requires MCM to allow you to configure the amount of gold you want, which has its own dependencies on
Harmony, ButterLib, and UIExtenderEx.

Version 1.0.1 adds the ability to customize town gold as well!

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