Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Adds multiple interactions with heroes to spice up your play-through and improve immersion.

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  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
This mod aims to improve immersion by providing more options/interactions you can choose with other heroes(Family, Companions)


Give Gifts To Your Clan Members
Allows you to start a trade with your clan members where you can add your "gifts" that you want to give to your clan member. Helps to improve relations.

Marriage Between Your Clan Members
Allows you to get your clan members married with each other. You can now marry your companions together. Also... you can marry your children to your companions too! TAKE NOTE that when you convert your companion to a lord via giving him/her a clan name, his/her spouse will also be moved over to the companion's new clan.

Wanderers Will Ask To Join You
Every time you enter a settlement, if there is a wanderer in town, there's a chance that the wanderer will come and find you. The higher your clan tier, the higher the chance a wanderer will look for you! Nothing special, but good for immersion/roleplay purposes.
[Can be disabled in settings by setting the chance to 0%]

Let Companions Be You Family
You can now make your companions become your son/daughter/sibling.

Disown Children And Become Your Companion
You can now "disown" your children and they will be demoted to become your companion. Hate your child that much? This is for you :)

Mod Configuration Menu - Used to tweak settings

Save Compatibility:
You can safely add/remove this mod to an existing save game.

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