Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds the ability to use denars to start a tournament in town. You can also use your influence to start tournaments in towns that are allied to you or owned by you.

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  • Turkish
  • Russian
Ever seen lords that host their own tournaments, but you can't host your own? This mod changes that!

This mod adds the ability to start tournaments in the arena by spending either your denars or influence.

You can spend influence to host tournaments if the town is:
  • Owned by you
  • Owned by another clan from the same kingdom as you
  • Owned by no one
  • Owned by allied kingdom's clans

You can spend denars to host denars in any towns as long as you have access to the town's arena!

MCM Settings - Used to tweak settings of tournament costs

Mod Incompatibilities:
This mod simply starts a tournament and is designed to be compatible with most other mods. There should be no conflicts with other arena mods.

Save Compatibility:
You can add/remove this mod from an existing save game without issues!

Localization support added.

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