Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

After many hours in-game, I realised the fights between infantry troops, especially during sieges, looked a bit ridiculous and were broken as the troops tend to bunch up together and clip into each other making battles end quickly and making formations obsolete.

Permissions and credits
I tried other mods that tried to fix the collision problem but broke stairs and siege towers. This mod aims to fix all of this. It should be compatible with each version.

What this mod does:
- Fixes collision between troops so they aren't in each others faces as much, and have space to strike the enemy. NPC's now fight each other with reasonable spacing in between them and the enemy like they would in real life
- Fixes stairs and siege towers (the small one with a slope, NOT the big one with ladders, which have no issues right now) so that NPC's don't get stuck because of the steep slope. This was a problem before when making a collision mod. This does not however fix the siege tower pathfinding issue from native (npcs getting stuck at the bottom or using only one ladder)

I haven't done a lot of testing so if there are any issues, please do report them in the comments. This mod may be subject to change. I may adjust spacing between troops and change some parameters so that troops aren't pushed around as easily

Install instructions:
1. Extract file
2. Place Collisionfix folder into your modules folder
3. Taunch game,
4. Turn on mod in mod tab of Bannerlord launch menu


**** If game crashes upon startup, it is because the files are blocked. Right click on the files collision, allyenemy and submodule and click on properties for each of them. Then, in the general tab, there should be a checkbox at the bottom that says "unblock".  click on unblock and apply and it should work. Do this for the three files.

Please make a backup of your game files in case this mod should create any issues with your game. Otherwise, to revert back to the original game files, simply verify integrity of local files in steam and it will revert back to the original files.