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Brings back and upgrades some mechanics from M&B:Warband. This mod adds new interactions and ways to increase/decrease relations with other characters.

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  • Mandarin
A rewrite of the original Healthy Relationships by TripleThreat back in 2020, but adapted for Bannerlord's current latest release. The mod was rewritten from scratch to maintain most of the original aspects of the mod (and Warband), but with new modern features that Bannerlord has/uses.

Tournament Invites [MB:Warband]
Whenever a town decides to start hosting a tournament, there is a chance that you will receive an invite by the town's owner to participate in it. You will be notified of its location and the prize awarded to the champion.
  • Accepting an invite increases relations with that town's clan, but refusing an invite will lower relations with them.
  • Once you accept an invitation, please attend it! Failure to uphold the invitation will also decrease relations with the tournament host.
  • If you managed to win the tournament, there will be bonus relations gain! But don't worry if you lose, your participation is enough for the tournament host to increase relations with you!
The chance of receiving an invitation includes:
  • Tournament Wins
  • Character Level
  • Clan Tier
  • Your character relations with the host.

Tournament Win Dedications [MB:Warband]
Now there are more incentives to win a tournament! Every time you win a tournament, you can dedicate it to anyone and increase your relations with them.

Spouse Interactions [MB:Warband] - Compatible With Multiple Spouses Mods
Just like in Warband, you can now compliment your spouse, or give him/her a gift! Now comes with support with MoreSpouses or other mods that uses similar methods to let you have multiple spouses.

Assist Lords In Battle [MB:Warband] - Toggleable
When you see an ally in battle, help them! This will grant you a relation increases depending on the following factors:
  • Are they on the attacker side or the defender side?
  • Are your allies weaker than the enemy?
As there are other mods that does something similar, this feature has been made toggleable. Turn this off if you want to use other mods that does the same feature.

Joining Armies
Now gives you an incentive to be in an army! By completing battles, raids, or sieges together, you will improve your relations with them! I mean...isn't it fun to burn a village down together with your friends?!

Defeating or Defeated By
If your character is an honorable person, full of valor or generosity, lords defeated by you in battle will have increased relations with you. However if your character is the complete opposite, the lords will be frustrated to be defeated by you and lose relations. This logic also applies to enemy lords defeating you (is the enemy lord a good or bad person?).

Why a rewrite and not just an update?
As the latest update for the original mod was back in 2020, I decided to rewrite the mod (redesign a few code aspects) to be more compatible with game release v1.0.x versions and other mods. Due to this, please do not expect this mod to be an exact copy of the original mod, but rather, a different variant of the original mod.

MCM Settings - Used to tweak settings of almost everything in the mod

Mod Compatibility:
This mod extends compatibility to MoreSpouses or other mods that uses the same method to allow you to have multiple spouses. If you have other mods that increase relations with other lords after battles, you can choose to turn this mod's option off to let that mod do the job.

Save Compatibility:
You can add this mod to an existing save game, however the mod will only start counting tournament wins/participation after the mod is added. You can remove this mod from an existing save game, but it is not recommended as the mod adds its own data into your save files.

Localization support added.

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