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Adds armor (and other) crafting to crafting system. Adds failure chance to crafting based on skill level. Rejiggers smelting amounts so no more pugios giving 10x their weight in materials.

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I've decided to stop working on this mod due to my issues with the game and the scripting system. If anyone else wants to fork it and update it, you have my complete permission as long as myself and (more importantly) the Banner Kings mod team are credited.

tl;dr Bannerlord hasn't expanded the overworld gameplay from Warband, the modding interface is garbage and doesn't tell you when anything is wrong, the custom weapon system floods the game with unique items and they didn't consider doing anything with the rest of the equippable items.

After Mount & Blade: Warband, TW took approximately a decade to make Bannerlord, but aside from better graphics and a less buggy combat pathfinding system, there's been little, if any, improvement to the gameplay. The easiest example I can use is the goods trading system. All goods have prices between cities, ie things are in demand in one place, in surplus in another. This is unchanged from Warband. An incredibly simple expansion to this system is to add qualities to trade goods which allows multiple other things. Misrepresentation of goods quality (Roguery, Trade), traders ripping you off (Roguery, Trade), taxation of goods when entering/leaving a city (Roguery, Charm, Trade), bartering safe passage from bandits/hostile parties based on quality of goods (Roguery, Charm). Just one change that brings multiple ideas that improve overworld gameplay.

The other reasons are the software layer for the crafting system is just absolute garbage. Each of the buttons on the top of the Smithy window has a custom class that sets three variables. One is the variable that says this one is on, the other two are variables that say the other two are on. This is just an absolutely horrible design and means adding another button has to have an absolutely horrid workaround to disable all three default states (Kudos to the BannerKings team for that one). The UI/Code interface is another piece of shit that is incredibly frustrating. If you mistype a variable in a UI file, then there is no indication that you've done anything wrong aside from the UI element not working. If you mistype a constant in a UI file, then the game just crashes. Given the UI elements in this mod, this was incredibly frustrating to get working simply because there was no indication of what was wrong.

The weapon crafting system is another piece of garbage as all crafted weapons end up being completely unique items, even if they have the same stats as the one you just made, or even if you make a an item identical to a stock item. This system is only applied to the weapons you can craft, and everything else is unchanged from Warband. This ends up with all of the different armours that are along the lines of Helmet, Helmet with Spike, Helmet with Noseguard, Helmet with Spike and Noseguard, etc.

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Adds armor, horse armor, shield, bow, crossbow, arrow, and bolt crafting to the game. All can be crafted even if added by mods, as long as they're in one of those categories.

Adds armor, horse armor, shield, bow, crossbow, arrow, and bolt smelting to the game. All can be smelted even if added by mods, as long as they're in one of those categories and will give at least one material. Only enabled if not using vanilla smelting mode.

Adds regular weapon crafting too.

Material costs for all are based on item tier, class, and weight. Low tier cloth and leather armors need linen or leather and some metal. High tier plate and chainmail armors need velvet and lots of metal.

Smelting payouts for weapons are based on weapon class, so pugios no longer give everything you need to craft two handed swords (configurable via MCM).

Crafting of weapons and armor can fail. Failure is based on the difference between item difficulty and your skill level, with a max chance of 95% at 95 or more difference (configurable via MCM).

Stamina costs for armor is quite high, but is affected by the "Practical Smith" perk.

Crafted items are affected by Experience/Master/Legendary smith and have a chance of getting a prefix from them. Legendary is an additional item tier. It may not be perfectly balanced for these items.

Crafting skill below difficulty has a chance to add negative prefixes. The level of skill above difficulty to no longer have a chance of crafting a low quality item is 25 (configurable via MCM).

Known issues:
No sound when pressing the "Craft" button. The sound doesn't seem to come from anywhere in the UI system, and I wasn't able to find anything about it in the crafting code.
Crafting material icon for the extra crafting materials is always an ingot rather than the actual material. These are sprites rather than an actual item icon.

Special thanks to the Banner Kings mod team for showing how to edit the crafting system.