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This mod completely recreates all the unit trees from scratch and converts Bannerlord from the Dark Ages setting to the High Middle Ages period (1000-1300ad).
- Strong focus on gear variety within each unit while maintaining an immersive visual style.
- A rock paper scissors style balance between units.

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After a few months of it consuming my life, I’m excited to finally present “High Middle Ages — Calradia”.
At its core this mod converts Bannerlord from the Dark Ages setting up to the High Middle Ages period (1000-1300ad).*
Although in the early stages I was building this off the bones of my High Middle Ages mod for Crusader Blade (a mod for Crusader Kings 3), I have pretty much rebuilt everything from scratch and created many new units specifically for the Bannerlord campaign. 
*Please note I haven’t removed any items from the game. So even though you won’t see any units wearing the early period gear now, you can still acquire it yourself.

For the correct balance the Realistic Battle Mod AI module is strongly reccomended. (NOT compatible with combat module)

Key features of the mod:
• All new unit trees created from scratch (including minor clans, mercenaries, bandits and lords) with visuals that evoke the High Middle Ages setting. Although not historically accurate I’ve tried my best to make it feel immersive. I’ve avoided items like Warhammer style pauldrons that spoil any sense immersion.
 Armour and weapon variety within each unit:
All units now have a large pool of items that will be equipped. No longer will you see clone armies, especially in units such as Levies where a range of equipment makes sense. 
Unit trees have been refined so that a rock paper scissors balance is achieved. This can be utilized in battle tactics. Each faction also has a few higher tier units that reflect their unique military prowess.
Each faction has access to most classes (with variable effectiveness). For example, now each faction has a pike/spear brace unit. Please see the “Basic unit types” section further below for a breakdown.
Armour values have been equalised within each unit. This meant I had full creative control of the visuals in each unit while still maintaining unit balance relationships.
Shield HP values have been lowered over all units to make anti-shield units/tactics feasible.
Armour colours improved to create a less saturated colour palate that suit the equipment of each faction. Flags have also been adjusted to complement these.

Basic unit types
All units broadly fit into one of these classes below. Faction specific units can have unique characteristics that often counteract the usual class downsides.

Levies and seasoned levies:
These are the backbone of armies. Poorly armoured and poorly skilled these units are best used as cannon fodder holding enemies in place while the better units flank. They are equipped with a whole range of melee weapons.

Light footmen (shieldbreakers):
Light footmen are the glass canons of the army. Their javelins and throwing axes do bonus damage to shields. They are often equipped with heavy hitting weapons that also destroy shields. Best used to incapacitate the shields of heavy footmen, opening them up to ranged attacks.
Light footmen are very poorly armoured with no shields and are easily neutralised by archers and cavalry. They will also suffer casualties in prolonged engagements.

Footmen are a solid unit with a wide range of equipment and uses. Mid-tier armour.


Pikemen decimate cavalry when used correctly (skills and equipment have been improved in this mod to make them very effective vs cavalry).
With mid-tier armour and no shields, they are vulnerable to ranged units and more specialised melee units.

Heavy Footmen:

If you want to hold a position, Heavy Footmen will hold it. Very well-equipped, armoured and skilled, they are only really weak to well-used Heavy Cavalry and Light Footmen.

Bowmen (usually split into 3 tiers):
Devastating against Light Footmen and other non-shielded opponents.  Low armour in relation to footmen of the same tier and often poorly equipped which make them very weak to melee engagements, especially cavalry.

Not as effective in ranged combat as Bowmen but better equipped for melee engagements. Slightly better armour than Bowmen.

Heavy Crossbowmen:

Well-armoured and equipped with shields, these units have some flexibility in uses.

Outriders (light cavalry):
Great at picking of archers and flanking but don’t have high enough armour or equipment to withstand long engagements.

Heavy Cavalry:
The tanks of Calradia. As long as it’s not a pikemen, these units will put any enemy on the ground for the count. Fast, hard hitting and well-equipped. A force to be reckoned with.

Horse Archers (only in some factions):
Why loss men when you have arrows. Fast and deadly at range, these units are masters of winning decisive victories. 

The main factions:
Based off medieval France and England, this faction distinguishes itself with it’s heavily armoured knights.

Specialty units: 

Goedendag Militia.
Armed with polearms, this light footman unit can protect against cavalry while also keeping other footmen at a distance.
Vlandian Longbowman. After suffering many humiliating defeats to the Battanian Pencampwr Longbowmen, the Vlandians have embraced the longbow in their low-born ranks. Although not as skilled as the Battanians, this archer is one of the best in Calradia.
Vlandian Vanguard Cavalry. Well-equipped and armoured, this heavy cavalry leads the devastating Vlandian charges.

Noble tree:
These units also focus on heavy cavalry. The top tier Vlandian Gendarme are widely regarded as the finest heavy cavalry force in Calradia.

Based off medieval Ireland, Scotland and Wales, this faction has a strong focus on light footmen and archers. Their light footmen don’t pack as much of a punch as the axe wielding shieldbreakers of other factions, but they are skilled swordsmen and better protected from ranged attacks due to their targe shields.

Specialty units:

Kern. Better armoured than your regular light footman but still quick on their feet. Skilled fighters that many clans favour over heavy footmen.
Pencampwr Longbowman. The best archers in Calradia, these renowned archers have sent many haughty Vlandian knights to an unexpected early grave.
Highland Pikeman. With the constant cavalry threat of their western neighbour, the Battanians have learnt to trust in a steadfast pike. This unit is very poorly armoured but is a strong counter to cavalry.
Battanian Gallowglass. Descendants of early Nord settlers, these men are fierce warriors that will shatter shield-walls with their two-handed axes. When they are not in the vanguard, the pikes they bring to battle discourage any enemy cavalry from charging their position.

Noble tree:
The Highlanders of Battania are skilled light footmen. The Highlander Champions, wielding deadly two-handed swords, can decimate enemy lines.

Mainly based off medieval Rus with contingents of Nord mercenaries based off early medieval Norse.* Sturgia maintain the strongest heavy footman in Calradia. In recent years many of their famed warriors have found greener pastures in the service of the Calradic empire.

Specialty units:

Druzhina. The best of the native Sturgian warriors. Well-armoured and equipped with javelins, this heavy footman can destroy enemy shields before the lines even crash.
Varangian Spearman. These Nord pikemen have learnt the dangers of Battanian and Khuzait arrows. They make sure a shield is always at hand.
Varangian Veteran: Skilled Nord pikemen who like to be in the thick of the fighting. Well-armoured and equipped with a shield, these pikemen could match any heavy footman on the field.
Varangian Bowman. Nord bowman that may not be the best archers but make up for it when it comes time to get their hands dirty in a brawl.
Metsänvartija. These Sturgian wardens of the forest are excellent archers but not as skilled in melee engagements as their Nord counterparts.
Sturgian Konnica. Quick, lightly-armoured cavalry.

Noble tree:
The Jomsviking Nords are some of the best footman money can buy. The Jomsviking Ulfheðnar will break any opposing shieldwall, that is, if they haven’t broken the enemy's resolve first due to their fearsome demeanour. The axe wielding Jomsviking Húskarl are the most feared heavy footman in Calradia.
*I’ve taken a bit of creative liberty with the Sturgian Varangian and Jomsviking units. Even though an argument could be made that in our own timeline the “viking aesthetic” was still kind of present at the dawn of the High Middle Ages (think Harald Hardrada and the battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066), it doesn’t really fit with the kettle helmet style of later years that the other factions here have. 
So, my reasoning for implementing this look in some units is that; since the Nords in Nordland are separated from the mainland, their armour styles have developed independently and have not yet been influenced by those in the mainland. The Varangian and Jomsviking should be seen as mercenaries that have also been invited to come settle.

The imperial factions have a rich history and strive to rekindle the empire’s past glory. Surrounded by potential enemies on all sides, the imperial armies have adopted many tactics from these neighbours over the years.

Specialty units:

Varangian Guard. These lavishly paid heavy footman are loyal bodyguards to the imperial royalty. They are only matched in prowess by their northern kinsmen. They are equipped with throwing axes to soften up enemy lines.
Balestrieri Genovesi. This well-equipped heavy crossbowman unit can hold its own in melee engagements.
Imperial Bucellarii. Often skirmishing with the steppe nomads, the empire has adapted to this style of warfare and embraced horse archer tactics.

Noble tree:
The empire continues the tradition of their forefathers by maintaining a force of heavily armoured Imperial Cataphract. Seemingly more metal than man, they are a true force of destruction while mounted. If dismounted their heavy armour becomes a hindrance that is easily exploited. 

The Aserai pride themselves on the flexibility of their armies and have some of the best cavalry on show.

Speciality units:

Mubarizun. Masters of forging steel, the Aserai Sultanate equips its best heavy footmen with the finest blades. The Mubarizun are skilled swordsman that wield these blades with deadly efficiency. They often harry the enemy with javelins before charging.
Bedouin Hunter. Slightly better equipped to deal with melee engagements than hunters of other regions.
Palace Guard. Tasked with protecting the Sultan, only the most skilled troops are granted the privilege of serving at the royal palace. When sent to the battlefield these troops demonstrate themselves as skilled archers. They keep pikes and two-handed axes at the ready to protect their lord when the need arises. 
Aserai Cameleer. These mounts are more hardy than the usual steed but lack in speed and manoeuvrability. 
Aserai Mamluke Cavalry. Skilled horse archers that are also well-armoured.

Noble tree:
Like a few other factions in Caldaria, the Aserai Sultanate boasts some of the beast heavy cavalry units. The Aserai Vanguard Faris is a devastating shock troop.

Masters of the steppe, the Khuzait Khanate utilize cavalry with extreme efficiency. Their deadly horse archers are unmatched in the known world.

Speciality units:

Khuzait Heavy Lancer. One of the few units not equipped with a bow, the heavy lancer is a force of nature when it comes to piercing enemy lines.
Khuzait Khorchin and also most of the noble tree. These units are well-equipped, well-armoured and highly-proficient in mounted archery.

I have excluded here the new look for all the minor factions, mercenaries, bandits and leaders so that you can discover them yourselves in game.

You may see in the encyclopedia what appear to be copies of faction units with slightly different names. This is deliberate. These are exactly the same units but with a lower level which causes them to appear in tournaments at earlier levels. This adds some more variety and challenge. You shouldn’t see them outside of tournaments and cheat menus.

Banners shown on shields in the above images are used to help express the style of each culture by reflecting banners from our own history. The in-game banners are different. If you wish to use any in your campaign you can find the codes in my High Middle Ages mod made for Crusader Blade (CK3 mod).