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Adds customizable options for more companions to appear in taverns!

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Have you ever felt that the amount of wanderers in taverns is too small? If yes, then this mod is for you! With this mod around, you will never run short of choices for your next companions!

This mod ensures that at the start of every day, there will be a certain number of wanderers in each tavern. The amount of wanderers is up for you to decide!

Do take note though, based on your PC's specifications, you may experience lag when you set the amount of wanderers to a huge number!

Mod Configuration Menu v5

Mod Compatibility:
Mods that set "Heroes Come Of Age" to less than 18 years old (Kaoses Tweak Updated)
  • Since this mod's MCM settings has an in-built minimum age limit (age settings cannot go below 18 years old) to maximize mod compatibility, you will have to edit the settings manually via file.
  • Open up your file explorer and go to
  • Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs\ModSettings\Global\MoreCompanionsForMyTavern\MoreCompanionsForMyTavern.xml
  • Set
  • <minCompanionAge>18</minCompanionAge>
  • to
  • <minCompanionAge>10</minCompanionAge>
  • This will change the minimum companion's age to 10, a value that cannot be reached in the game's "Mod Settings"
  • Ensure you have this mod installed! Otherwise your child companions will be "immortal" in battle as they cannot be damaged!
Support mods that adds companion. You do not need to start a new game for those mods!

Mod Incompatibility

Banner Kings - Crash on new game

Save Compatibility:
Mod has been tested to be compatible with existing saves. You are NOT REQUIRED to start a new game!
Mod can be safely removed from a save.

Bug Reports:
Please post ALL bug reports (if any) in the "BUGS" section, thanks!

Plans to add localization are currently paused.

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