Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Make heros more different from normal soldiers

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Support v1.20 now.
Please do not use the "CONTINUE" button to enter game, use "PLAY" button. Otherwise you may not enter the game.

Player will live forever and grow older, but their bodies will always be young and will not die of old age (can be closed)(If you met mod conflict you can disable it).

Player clan members gain multiple life spans. If the sum of running+charm of clan member is greater than or equal to 400 (settable), they will also gain the ability to live forever.

Player clan members automatically learn both branch perks(need to meet the skill level) (can be closed).

Heros gain role exp every day, the value is lv x intelligence x intelligence x 2 (can be closed).

Attribute enhancement (can be closed). Now the basic attributes no longer only provides the effect of the upper limit of skill level, but also has additional effects.

Vigor: each point increases 2% damage, 1 whole defense, 1 horse defence, and 10% of the shield's maximum durability. every 3 points increase 1 damage make and reduce 1 damage take. If the attack is blocked by the opponent, calculate the vigor difference between the two, which is a regular 5% probability of crush through the block at each point, and a negative 10% probability of crush through the block will become unable to crush through the block at each point.

Control: each point increases 10% more ammo, 5% less drop damage, 10% aim steady, 5% maneuvering. Subtracting control from attacker to victim, if the result is postive, then each point provide a critical hit rate of 2% (double damage caused by critical hit) . On the contrary, each point provides a 2% exemption rate (damage received becomes 0).

Endurance: Each point increases 5% maximum HP, 5% life recovery speed, 20% injury stagger threshold, 1% run speed, 2.5% horse speed.

Cunning: Each point increases 10% of the prisoners surrender speed, 10% of the prisoners upper limit, 10% of the looting speed (party leader), and 0.1 of the army's movement speed (scout). Increase 1 companion upper limit every 5 points (clan leader) .

Social: taking 3.5(settable) points as the boundary, the above increases, and the following decreases: each point 0.25 village hearths per day, 0.25 settlement loyalty per day, 0.5 militia growth, and 5% recruitment refresh rate (clan leader and governor), 5% more tax income, 10% more workshop production(governor). Increase 1 companion upper limit every 5 points (clan leader).

Intelligence: increase 5% role exp gain and skill exp gain per point, and double the effect on cunning, social and intelligence skill exp; 10% siege equipment durability (engineer), 10% city wall durability (governor). At the beginning of the siege, you will get a ballista (the attacking engineer or the defending governor) every 3 intelligence points. Taking 2.5(settable) points as the boundary, the above increases and the following decreases: 0.5/1 settlement food output (clan leader/governor), and the food consumed by the prosperity of the settlement decreases by 7.5%, wage of garrison decreases by 5% (governor), 25% more workshop production(owner).

If a settlement has no governor, then the clan leader of the settlement's attribute will come into force, with half final effect.