Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Daily training experience for your party just like in Warband

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  • Turkish
  • Russian
Daily training experience for your party just like in Warband. Should be compatible with every mod. AI parties will also get daily experience.

The amount of experience gained is based on few parameters:

-Size of your party
-Amount of same troop type your party have(So more Imperial Recruits you have the faster they will level up)
-Morale of your army
-Leadership skill of party leader
-Steward skill of the quartermaster(if absent, party's leader)
-Being in an army increases experience gain
-Sieging increases experience gain
-Being inside a settlement decreases experience gain
-Starving decreases experince gain
-Raiding decreases experience gain

I will make a version where you can change the impact of these parameters on the formula through an in-game menu.