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This mod only changes face and body texture for all females.
Consider this mod as an alternative version of GT_Megabodybb, I made this for personal use and to make Calradian female look better; for other info see the detail below.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: Still works in 1.1.3, but not tested with other mods.(Tested with Amazon Body only. 4.23.2023)

A big thanks to Heagon for making the GT_Megabody series and permitting me to make this alternative version.

This mod changes the native face and body texture for all females (Body shape will not apply if you do not use MC Amazon Body). 

The primary reason I make this mod is that I’m using new armor, it's based on MC Amazon Body shape, that's the only reason they're in the requirement. (Do note that MC Amazon Body is outdated but still works in the v1.0.0, it’s possible to cause bugs.)

(This is my first mod, it was personal use by myself, I do not wish to gain anything from publishing it. Some of you might like my idea, so I decided to publish this mod, which will only fit a small amount of people's favor.)

Extract the file "FaceTextureOverhaul" to Modules (C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules). Load at the bottom of your mod list. Don't use Vortex to install, it might break the mod.

If there are any bugs, feel free to post them in the discussion. I'm not a game developer or professional modder, my skills are very limited, I can't guarantee to fix every problem, but I'll see what I can do.

I can add and remove in save myself, but I can't make sure everyone can do that, so It’s best to start a new game using this mod. I can only test with a limited amount of mods, if you're using other mods that affect characters, they might collide and brake the save, I don't want any of your saves to get broken because of this mod, so use it at your own risk and make a backup for your save before you use this mod.

Known incompatibles:
Character Reload

Compatible mods(My mod list):Nov 09 2022
Women in Calradia(21 Nov 2022 version tested, no crash found)
Improved Combat AI
RTS Camera
Detailed Character Creation
MC Amazon Body
Realistic Weather (May cause long loading screen)
Adonnay's Troop Changer
Open Source Armory
Swadian armory
Vlandian Steel
Get Your Own Horse
Reign of sword
Westeros Armory
Attribute Per Level
Helmet Hair Cover Continued Plus 
New Armor
Raise Your Banner Plus
Raise Your Torch
Adonnay's Exotic Weaponry
WQ Ranged Weapons
Shields Block On Back
Governors Handle Issues
Bahamut Armory
My Little Warband
Achievement Unblocker
Surrender Tweaks