Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds the ability to tweak experience values, set learning rate and add some more trading xp, as well as increase smithing parts acquisition rate

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  • Russian
If you want to have a more chill, less grindy game you can use this mod to adjust some settings:
  • set minimum learning rate to be above 0, so you can always level up you skills
  • increase overall XP gain for you, your clan characters or for everyone in the game
  • decrease the amount of smithing actions you need to do to unlock new weapon parts
  • tweak trading xp gain, so you can get some when just doing big deals
  • increase focus and attribute points gain
  • tweak smithing values to get more powerful weapons with perks Experienced/Master/Legendary Smith
  • increase renown gain

All setting are adjustable through mod configuration menu.
There's setting preset "Comfortable game" which I personally use to reduce grind overall.

If you have some suggestions and feature requests - just ask, I will try to add them in my free time.

Known issues:
1. Increased renown values are not updated on screens where you are shown the renown increase (post battle screen, tournament screen). It's just a UI issue, actual renown gain is increased properly
2. Crafted weapons of increased rarity (fine, masterwork, legendary) would not retain rarity bonuses after reloading the save. Looks like TW bug, but more testing is needed to be 100% sure

For Vortex users:
There's a known issue with mod tagged as "Missing Dependencies". For now just ignore the warning and toggle (on) the mod manually.

For translators: 

If by any chance you want to translate it - go on. The only thing in need of translation is settings menu

Special thanks to @LesserScholar for his awesome video series on modding